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How to Teach Annotation in Upper Elementary

How to Teach Annotation

Have you ever wanted to unlock the secret sauce to reading comprehension? Of course, you have! Teaching reading in upper elementary is challenging. Providing students with an essential skill to rinse and repeat with every text they read sounds dreamy, right?! Annotation is the key to understanding texts beyond just the words. 

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Random Acts of Kindness Classroom Calendar Christmas Holidays

25 Days of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Teachers are constantly trying to reinforce the character trait of kindness. What better time to focus on kindness than the holiday season?! Honestly, December is the perfect time to practice intentional kindness in upper elementary. Students in upper elementary are old enough to enjoy the season beyond Santa, gift-giving, and fun celebrations. This festive season provides a unique opportunity to teach students empathy, compassion, and generosity. Luckily, teachers can teach these values through random acts of Christmas kindness. 

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Fall Math Mazes for Upper Elementary

Exploring Fall Math Mazes for Brain-Teasing Fun

Fall is officially in full force! Students have settled into their classroom, begun learning new skills, and are excited about transitioning to fall. The beginning of fall is the perfect opportunity for teachers to introduce fun math lessons into their routines. Luckily, Fall Math Mazes are the perfect brain-teasing activity to practice math skills and have fun! Teachers can make learning math an exciting adventure with this amazing fall resource!

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Halloween Activities for Upper Elementary

Spooky Classroom Fun: Halloween Activities for Upper Elementary

As the air gets cooler and the autumn breeze rolls through, colorful leaves and pumpkins decorate the classrooms. October brings a different kind of excitement between costumes, candy, and spooky stories. Upper elementary students begin counting down the days to trick-or-treating as teachers are busy crafting festive lessons to fit the month’s vibe! Honestly, keeping students focused on academics during this busy month is tough. Luckily, there are ready-to-go Halloween activities to keep students learning and bring in the spooky fun!

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Meet the Teacher Night: Essentials for a Successful Open House

Meet the Teacher Night: Essentials for a Successful Open House

Besides the first day of school, there is one day that might excite students even more—Meet the Teacher Night! An open house sets the stage for a partnership between the parents, teachers, and students. Students are anxious to meet their new teacher, and parents are eager to hear more about the new school year. Meet the Teacher Night provides a platform for parents to get to know their child’s teacher. Parents hope to understand the expectations and class routines and build trust and collaboration. 

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Classroom Themes Made Easy

Classroom Themes Made Easy: My Top 4 Classroom Decor Packs

Creating a welcoming classroom environment is an important part of setting up your classroom for a new school year. After all, for 9 to 10 months of the year you spend many more hours there than you do at home, and so do your students. So why not make the classroom a visually appealing place that you and your students want to spend time in. An easy way to do that is with a classroom decor set that has everything you need.

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10 Brilliant Back to School Tips for Teachers

10 Brilliant Back to School Tips for Teachers

Grab your backpacks and sharpen your pencils because it’s back to school time! Are you fully prepped for an awesome school year ahead? While some may still be squeezing in those last few beach days, teachers are busy strategizing for a successful new year. From hunting for unbeatable back-to-school bargains to fine-tuning lesson plans, these 10 genius teacher tips will have you rocking the classroom like a pro, whether you’re a seasoned expert or a fresh-faced newbie. Get ready to conquer the new school year with ease!

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Editable Monthly Classroom Calendars

Classroom Calendars for the Organized Teacher

Managing a classroom can be tough! With many tasks to juggle, from lesson planning and assessments to events and deadlines, teachers often find themselves trying to create a classroom calendar with very little time. Honestly, it is nearly impossible to keep parents and students informed of important dates and events without being organized. So, teachers must find the most efficient way to communicate information with parents and students. Thankfully, there are Editable Classroom Calendar Templates for you to stay on top of your game, reduce stress, and create a transparent learning environment for your students.

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Punch Cards A Classroom Reward System for Behavior Management

Punch Cards: The Ultimate Classroom Reward System

As teachers, we always look for ways to encourage good student behavior. Fun yet effective classroom rewards systems are a fantastic way to do this! One of my favorite classroom reward systems is punch cards! You are missing out if you aren’t using punch cards in the classroom! Punch cards will give you an easy-to-use tool to encourage excellent student behavior, goals, rewards, and more. The best part is all you have to do is print and punch! Here are some ideas on using punch cards that you can quickly and easily implement into your classroom reward system.

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