First Week of School Activities for Upper Elementary

Are you ready for the first week of school? Ready or not, a brand new class of students is coming, and they will be eager to learn! By the time students enter upper elementary, they know what to expect. Luckily, this means teachers can set their expectations, review class rules, and dive into learning quickly. Before teaching new material, reviewing skills taught the year before is crucial. Incorporating first week of school activities for upper elementary like this Back to School Review helps students have fun while working on academics. 

First Week of School Activities

Back to School Review Packet

The first few weeks of school are foundation-setting days. To build a solid foundation, assessing where students are academically is a must! Teachers look to learn their unique learning styles, strengths, and areas that might need extra attention. Thankfully, the back to school review for 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade does just this! Since this packet was created for back to school, you can use it to review or assess. Either way, teachers will learn valuable insight about each student. 

Academic Insight

In upper elementary, the skills students feel confident in from the previous year will differ. While some students can create and read bar graphs, others cannot. Some will be excellent at reading comprehension, while some will struggle. Until we learn this essential information, it can be tough to create first week of school activities for upper elementary classrooms. This is another reason the back to school review packet is just right! The teacher will be able to see which skills students have mastered and which skills need to be reviewed at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade levels. 

First Week of School Activities for Upper Elementary: Back to School Review Packet 3rd Grade

More than Busy Work

So many times, teachers print off worksheet after worksheet for the first week of school. However, the worksheets need to provide meaningful insight for the teacher. If the work doesn’t serve a specific purpose, it can be what we all call “busy work.” That’s no way to kickstart your year! Upper elementary students look forward to fun and engaging lessons at the beginning of the school year. They are also ready to learn. So, the back to school review packet includes fun first week of school activities for upper elementary while also reviewing academic skills. 

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Essential Skills

Teachers understand the struggle of finding review packets that include everything you need. Luckily, the back to school review packets are comprehensive. Specifically, they cover essential skills in math, reading, and grammar. There is even a review packet for each upper elementary grade—3rd, 4th, and 5th grade! 

Each first week activity challenges students with questions covering important topics. There are topics like solving equations, capitalizing proper nouns, using reading comprehension passages to answer questions, and so much more. Additionally, there are at least 24 pages of reading, language arts, and math reviews in each bundle.

3rd Grade Skills

Honestly, 3rd grade is a big year for most students. Moving from 2nd grade, students are expected to know so many skills. This Back to School Review Packet for 3rd Grade includes twelve review sheets for math skills and twelve review sheets for reading or ELA skills. Specific math skills included are comparing numbers, two-digit subtraction, 2-D shapes, place value, and so much more! Additionally, there are fiction reading comprehension passages with questions, vowel review, diphthongs review, irregular nouns, plus others! Your 3rd grade students will feel confident in their skills as new upper elementary students.

4th Grade Skills

Leveling up your skills from 3rd grade to 4th grade can be challenging. Luckily, the Back to School Review Packet for 4th Grade reviews time to the nearest minute, multiplication properties, perimeter, area, and even equivalent fractions. Additionally, there are seven other math skills included in the review! Students will have so much fun completing reading and ELA activities like grammar color by code, make a new word, and word match-up. Each skill is made into a fun and engaging first week activity that any upper elementary student will love!

5th Grade Skills

When students reach 5th grade they are so ready to show how much they already know. While they do learn many new skills in 5th grade, much of what they know has been scaffolded year after year. It’s important that teachers ensure 5th grade students review skills they need to build upon throughout the year. This is why the Back to School Review Packet for 5th grade is the perfect resource! Review the elements of poetry, punctuation, mythology allusions, similes and metaphors, and many other reading and grammar skills. In addition, rounding whole numbers, multiplying and dividing word problems, and practicing measurement conversions are three out of the twelve math skills covered.

Honestly, these first week of school activities for upper elementary are the perfect math and literacy review.

No Prep First Week of School Activities

Back to school can be a constant juggling act for teachers. There is so much to do and so little time. Teachers deserve to go home at the end of the day and relax! Luckily, the Back to School Review Packets are ready-to-go! Teachers can feel confident clicking print, knowing you will have pre-made activities for the first week of school.

There is so much going on during back to school that students often feel overwhelmed. Students will be thankful to do their best on the back to school review packet. They will be working on reviewing skills, while the packet also helps reduce classroom chaos. Students will understand the goal is to simply do their best. 

These first week of school activities are also versatile. Instead of having students sit at their desks to complete them individually, try using them in small groups or as morning work. The simple instructions and cute graphics will keep students engaged and confident as they review. 

First Week of School Activities

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