Classroom Morning Greeting Ideas

Have you ever projected classroom morning greeting slides for your students to read the minute they walk through the door? If so, then you know what a life-saver they can be! Posting a classroom morning message for your students definitely makes early morning routines run a little more smoothly. You can also take your classroom morning meetings to a whole new level with this simple classroom management hack!

The morning is one of the most hectic times of the day in the classroom. There’s attendance to take, lunch choices to make, bags to unpack, and homework to stack. People are moving in different directions and questions that occupy your time.

If you’re teaching virtually, there are daily check-ins to complete, the daily agenda to share, and assignments to submit.

So why not save your sanity and create a morning routine that allows the classroom (or virtual classroom) to run itself during this busy time. These morning message slides are a classroom management #teacherhack that can help you start your day the right way.

How to Greet Students Each Morning: An Easy Classroom Management Hack

How to Manage Morning Expectations in the Classroom

Posting or projecting a classroom morning message for students to read as they walk through the door always makes the morning go a little more smoothly! Your classroom morning greeting slides could include:

  • your schedule for the day
  • provide any announcements or information the students need
  • list the morning tasks students should complete when they come in
  • and so much more!

When students know what to do, it frees you up to take care of the administrative morning tasks that must be done. It also gets students started on the day’s activities instead of doing nothing while waiting for you. Your classroom morning meeting will provide routine and structure to get your day started.

Posting a classroom morning greeting slide is the perfect way to engage your students the minute they walk through the door. There’s no need to worry about constantly being interrupted or repeating yourself over and over! Let your students know exactly what your morning expectations are.

Editable September Classroom Morning Greeting Slides
Editable October Classroom Morning Meeting Slides

Use BITMOJI’s in Your Morning Greeting!

Kick the day off right – BITMOJI Style! Kids LOVE BITMOJI’s and can easily resonate with them. You can effortlessly put a smile on your students’ faces each morning by relating to them through something they are familiar with. Try making your classroom morning meeting fun and inviting by adding your BITMOJI avatar to your greeting slides.

Use your classroom morning message to provide structure and routine each day. Give students a heads up about changes in the schedule or reminders for the day/week. Engage your students with something they love . . . BITMOJIS!

Editable August Classroom Morning Greeting Slides
September Classroom Morning Message Slides

BITMOJI Morning Message Slides for the Entire Year

I created this resource for fast and furious mornings in the classroom. There’s always so much to do! I needed my students to come in quietly and know exactly what to do without me having to repeat it one hundred times! I know you’ve been there, too.

These classroom morning greeting slides are perfect for hectic mornings, simple visual directions, and it’s the perfect addition to sub plans!

These editable BITMOJI classroom morning messages are super easy to personalize. Create your own BITMOJI, then change out your avatar with mine. Your students will love seeing your cartoon-self greet them each morning. You can also edit the daily activities to structure your morning routine to be perfect for your classroom.

Weave academics into your morning routine with the Question of the Day and the Quote of the Day. Students can respond using a writing journal, sticky notes, or even a digital option like Google Docs. These questions and quotes are a great way to learn more about your students, facilitate classroom discussions, and incorporate character education.

Easy to Edit and Personalize

These BITMOJI Classroom Morning Message Slides are editable. You can edit the date, the morning to-do list, the quote of the day, the question of the day, and the BITMOJI image. Or, use what is already there and add your morning tasks for students to complete. Detailed instructions and video instructions are provided so you will know just what to do.

Here are just a few different ways you can use these versatile morning greeting slides throughout the year.

August Classroom Morning Greeting Slides
September Classroom Morning Message Slides
October Classroom Morning Meeting Slides

Put a smile on the faces of your students each morning! Relate to them through something they are familiar with – BITMOJIS! Easily make your morning message fun and inviting by replacing my BITMOJI avatar with yours. Directions are included, along with a step-by-step video tutorial!

Try it Out!

Use your morning greeting slides to teach your students how to start the day independently. Give them opportunities to reflect on the daily quote, question of the day, important events, reminders, or review academic skills. BITMOJIS are fun! Incorporate them into your daily message to students! They will love it!

By using classroom greeting slides, you have the ability to transform your morning routine. Your students will know what to expect, and you will have the opportunity to take care of all the administrative tasks in less time. Instead of feeling rushed or behind, you can start your day efficiently and with intention. This simple classroom management hack will leave you and your students ready for the day ahead!

Here’s what some teachers are saying about these BITMOJI Morning Messages:

Teacher Testimonials

This is exactly what I was looking for. It was very easy to customize for my own use and the students will love this as their morning message each day! I am very satisfied with the ease of use and the amount of slides included. There are more than enough in each month for the number of school days per year. I love this and can’t wait to use it every day!


AWESOME and a LIFE SAVER. I’ve used a different slide every single morning of this school year. When I start my morning zoom, it’s what my 3rd graders see. The date, a quote of the day, a question of the day (which I then make a padlet for), my bitmoji, and my list of reminders and morning meeting to-dos. It’s such an important and integral part of our daily routine – thank you so much for making such an incredible product!!


I LOVE this resource. We use it every day to get ready in the morning. The use the writing prompt and then I add in what we’re having for lunch and our read aloud for the day. This has been a life saver!


You can find all of my BITMOJI Morning Greeting Slides in my store. The full-year bundle includes 10 months of classroom morning greetings, with 25-morning message slides for each month. That’s 250-morning message options in one bundle. There’s enough to pick and choose a new one for each day of the school year!

Save this for Later!

Pin these classroom morning greeting ideas to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back when you need some morning meeting ideas.

Easy Morning Meeting Ideas: An Easy Classroom Management Hack

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