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The back-to-school season should be fun and exciting! Everyone is rested, rejuvenated, and ready for a new school year. There is a lot to do though. Between decorating bulletin boards, arranging your classroom, labeling desks and going to staff meetings – it’s easy to get overwhelmed! I made this back-to-school checklist to make your life a little easier and to help you remember some of the little things that might slip your mind during all the craziness!  First of all, can I just say… Wouldn’t you agree? Why in the world don’t we do this? Before starting a new school year, it’s important to let goRead More →

How did we ever teach without the internet? I can remember when I only had one desktop computer in my classroom. It was one of those iMac G3’s that came in an array of beautiful colors. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and so did my students. Sharing one desktop computer was challenging. Thankfully, technology integration in schools has come a long way since then. Now, most schools are 1:1 with either iPads or Google Chromebooks, and teachers have a plethora of technology tools at their fingertips. There are tons of websites out there that simplifies lesson planning, keeps the classroomRead More →

Many students struggle to find the main idea of a passage. Students tend to confuse the main idea with the summary, while others just can’t seem to grasp the concept. Here are a few tips, ideas, and activities to help you teach students how to identify the main idea and the supporting details of a passage, short story, or book. THE PROCESS: Teaching the main idea is a process that should take a few weeks. The starting point is easy. Start simple and start with non-fiction texts. In non-fiction books, the title will usually tell you exactly what the topic will be, which is the firstRead More →

This Teacher Report Card is one of my favorite things to do with students during the last week of school! Students love grading the teacher, and it’s always fun to read their responses. It’s the perfect end-of-year activity to use during those last few days of school before summer break. Pin now to save for later! I print the teacher report card front to back and fold it like a book. On the cover page, students write their teacher’s name, school year, and grade. I always give them time to color and decorate it if they want to. On the inside pages, students have theRead More →

Is the end of the year getting you down? I know…it’s overwhelming. There’s so much to do. From end of grade testing to finishing report cards to updating each individual student’s permanent records – it leaves us drained With over 16 years in the classroom, I’ve managed to come up with an end-of-year checklist to make life a little easier. This checklist includes a little bit of everything. If you’re like me you’re swamped with so much to do that you don’t even want to think about next year. This checklist will help you keep your sanity and hopefully make the beginning of a newRead More →

Celebrate teacher appreciation week and #thankateacher! I made this printable for my daughter’s teacher this week during Teacher Appreciation Week. I shared it on my Instagram and had so many people message me wanting a copy. So… here it is for all of you, too! Just click on the image below to download it. Don’t worry if Teacher Appreciation Week is over. You can still give this to a teacher anytime during the year to show your appreciation. It would also make a great end-of-school gift card or tag. Download now or pin for later!Read More →

Tall Tales are so much fun to write! Student’s creative writing skills come to life when they get the opportunity to stretch the truth because we all know children are full of humor and exaggeration! The best thing about tall tales is that they can be funny or silly. They are typically filled with hyperboles, similies, metaphors, and lots of descriptive vocabulary. Tall tales are always read or told as if they were true, even though the listener or reader knows that the story could never really happen – another reason children love writing and reading them! Each year, during the month of November, IRead More →

Welcome back! If you haven’t read Part 1 of my 16 Time-Saving PowerPoint Secrets for Creating Printables click here. If you’re back for more of my PPT tips and tricks get your pen and paper ready, because I have so much more to share with you! I also have a bonus secret at the end so be sure to read all the way through (even if you already know all these secrets). 🙂 My first time-saving secret is all about formatting your background. When creating printables or (if you’re a TpT seller) product covers you sometimes want a background image. We often refer to theseRead More →

Do you use PowerPoint? This software is well known for creating professional slideshows. It has all the tools needed to create multimedia presentations as well as personal photo slideshows, but did you know it can be one of the most useful programs for creating printables for the classroom? When I first started creating curriculum resources on Teachers Pay Teacher I used Microsoft Publisher. I didn’t even bother attempting to create anything in Word. If you’ve ever tried to manipulate images or layer images in Word you know how frustrating it can be. Publisher seemed to allow for more flexibility when it came to inserting borders, clipart,Read More →

The month of October is full of exciting fall and Halloween activities in the classroom. From pumpkins to witches – there’s always so many fun things to choose from! You probably have that one lesson you teach every year at this time. For me, we always write book reviews on our favorite books and display them in the hall for others to see. It is our hope, as a classroom, that we inspire other students to read one (or more) of our favorite books. I call this writing activity “Wrapped Up in a Good Book” and you can download it for free from my store. In thisRead More →