Month: August 2020

At Home Learning Made Easy

At Home Learning Made Easy

Whether you are teaching virtually through distance learning, using a hybrid in school – at home model or homeschooling by choice, students are doing all or part of their learning from home. And if you are currently teaching in person in the classroom, you know the very real risk that tomorrow students could begin learning from home. These at home learning activities are your answer to providing engaging skills-based practice for your students no matter where they are learning.

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BITMOJI Morning Messages An Easy Classroom Management Hack

Classroom Morning Greeting Ideas

The morning is one of the most hectic times of the day in the classroom. There’s attendance to take, lunch choices to make, bags to unpack and homework to stack. There are people moving in different directions and greetings and questions that occupy your time. If you’re teaching virtually, there are daily check-ins to complete, the daily agenda to share, and assignments to submit. So why not create a morning routine that allows the classroom (or virtual classroom) to run itself during this busy time. Morning meeting slides are a classroom management #teacherhack that can help you start your day the right way.

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How to Use Digital Stickers for Google Classroom and SeeSaw

Digital Stickers in the Classroom – FREE DOWNLOAD

With the sudden increase of digital activities and assignments, student feedback and grading of work can lose the personal element. Students turn in an assignment digitally, teacher checks, records grade . . . next. It’s all pretty mechanical. But just because the work has gone digital doesn’t mean that we have to lose all the personal and sometimes fun feedback and encouragement students receive from the teacher. Enter Digital Stickers! I’m so excited to teach you how to use digital stickers so you can add a personal touch to your digital grading. Keep reading, because I have some free digital stickers for you to try at the end!

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parent teacher communication through distance learning

Parent Communication During Distance Learning

If you have been a teacher for longer than 1 day then you already know the importance of having good communication with parents. Add to that distance learning and the stress of a pandemic and the need for solid parent-teacher communication is vital. Here are some ideas for stellar parent communication during distance learning (but you can really use them any time)!

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