At Home Learning Made Easy

Whether you are teaching virtually through distance learning, using a hybrid in school – at home model or homeschooling by choice, students are doing all or part of their learning from home. And if you are currently teaching in person in the classroom, you know the very real risk that tomorrow students could begin learning from home. These at home learning activities are your answer to providing engaging skills-based practice for your students no matter where they are learning.

At Home Learning Made Easy

Do You Worry About Your Students?

boy working independently at home during at home learning

If you answered yes, you are not alone. Student learning from home is much different than in the classroom. Students of all ages are forced into more independent learning than would happen if the teacher were there with them. While this is an amazing way to help our students grow in independence, as teachers we do worry about providing learning opportunities that can be done independently.

Independent learning activities walk a fine line between being easy busy work and so hard it’s frustrating. We don’t want our at home assignments to be either. Instead, we want to do our best to keep the same flow of learning that we would in the classroom. This includes instruction and guided practice before independent practice.

It can be time-consuming and expensive to find resources for all.the.subjects. When I was thinking about ways that I could best serve teachers, this area came to mind. By doing the hard work for you, you can save time and money while still providing your students with fun and engaging at home learning activities. Don’t let the name fool you – these are great to use in the classroom too!

at home learning resources for math, reading and language arts

No Prep At Home Learning Packets

at home learning reading activities

I have pulled together 3 different at home learning packets, each for a different grade level. While the skills and content differ by grade level, the idea is the same. Each packet is filled with over 100 pages of skills-based math, reading, and language arts activities that are perfect for the first quarter of the school year.

How to Use the Activities

Here’s some ideas on how to use the resources in these packets:

girl doing a video lesson during distance learning
  1. If you are currently teaching in person in the classroom, begin using these resources in centers, as independent practice assignments, or even as homework. This gives you the ability to work with students on what to do and the expectations for each activity. Should you need to transition to at home learning, you will be ready to use the activities to put together an at-home learning pack filled with activities that your students already know how to do!
  2. If you are doing virtual teaching, I would suggest teaching the topic first, if it is a new skill for your class. You can do this through a prerecorded video or lesson that you share with your students or through an online class meeting. Then use one of these pages and complete them together with your students. They make a great guided practice opportunity and this allows you to model your expectations for future activities that are similar. Use the remaining pages on that skill as independent practice and review.
  3. If your students are working at home without internet or virtual options, then these pages are PERFECT for creating an at home learning packet. Don’t be afraid to do a question or two on a page as a way of showing the students what to do. If you can’t teach them in person, this makes a great way to introduce a skill. As you complete the question make sure to explain your actions and thinking just as you would if you were in the classroom.
  4. Any teacher can use the grade level below you as a great independent skills review for your students. Additionally, this would also be great for students that are struggling and need a step back before working on grade level standards.

A Sneak Peek Inside!

3rd Grade At Home Learning Resources

third grade math activities

This 3rd grade at home learning bundle is filled with a variety of math, reading, and language arts skills practice that is perfect for the first quarter of the school year.

Here are just some of the skills that your students will work on with these fun and engaging activities:

  • Rounding
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • The concepts of Multiplication and Division
  • Finding Area & Perimeter
  • Telling Time and Elapsed Time
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • Making Inferences
  • Parts of Speech
  • Types of Sentences
  • Close Reading Skills and Reading Strategies
  • Reading and Answering Questions with Paired Passages
  • Writing Activities
Halloween activities for at home and distance learning

And those aren’t even all of the skills and concepts. Here are a few of the activities that your students will love.

3rd grade at home learning packet for virtual teaching
distance learning and virtual teaching resources for third grade
third grade home learning resources
3rd grade virtual teaching activities for distance learning

4th Grade Distance Learning Resources

4th grade math printables for distance learning and review

Your fourth grade students will love these engaging activities and you will love knowing that they are getting the skills practice they need to master grade level standards.

Here’s just a few of the skills covered in this at home learning packet:

  • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers
  • Factors and Multiples
  • Area & Perimeter
  • Money and Decimals
  • Multiple Step Word Problems
  • Identifying Genres
  • Idioms, Proverbs & Adages
  • Close Reading Skills and Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Answering Questions from Paired Passages
  • Figurative Language
  • A variety of writing activities

Take a look at some of the activities your students are going to be able to complete independently:

4th grade distance learning activities for home learning and virtual teaching
fourth grade printable worksheets for home learning
home learning resources that are perfect for fourth grade distance learning, hybrid learning or homeschooling
4th grade reading, math and language arts activities for at home learning

5th Grade At Home Learning Resources

math activities for distance learning

Distance Learning and Virtual Teaching can be filled with grade level skills and standards. This huge bundle of resources is packed with math, reading and language arts activities that your fifth graders will love.

Here’s just some of the skills and concepts covered in this bundle:

  • Working with Decimals
  • Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers
  • Order of Operations
  • Parts of Speech
  • Editing Paragraphs
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • Reading Comprehension with Paired Passages
  • Reading Strategies & Close Reading
  • Writing Activities
Thanksgiving Close Reading Activity

Your students will really love these activities, especially those connected to the season and holidays.

5th grade distance learning activities and resources for working at home
at home learning activities for fifth grade
fifth grade worksheets for at home learning
fifth grade printable activities for at home learning

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At Home Learning Made Easy

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