FREE Reading Comprehension Practice Worksheets

Do you struggle to engage your students in reading comprehension practice? I’ve got you. Finding high-quality free reading comprehension worksheets can be hard. Reading comprehension doesn’t come naturally to all students. It’s up to us to challenge our more gift readers to grow while helping our struggling readers flourish alongside them. Keeping reading skills practice fresh and fun is half the battle! Today I’m sharing two FREE print and digital resources that will keep your students engaged while fine-tuning their reading comprehension skills! I promise that they will beg for more!

Free Reading Comprehension Practice

Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets Students Will Beg For

These free reading comprehension worksheets with mystery pictures encourage students to use skills and strategies that help them extract meaning from what they read. The matching mystery pictures require students to color based on their answer choice.

Who doesn’t love to color, right? Trust me when I say students love these activities! They don’t want to color their mystery pictures incorrectly so they work really hard to get their answers correct before they color.

Rather than passively reading the text, students are forced to analyze, internalize, and make it their own. Comprehension, or extracting meaning from what you read, is the ultimate goal, right? While this reading comprehension activity uses a reading passage, I promise it’s not your average reading comprehension worksheet. I love incorporating these activities into the classroom because they force students to:

  • use prior knowledge
  • make predictions
  • identify the main idea
  • summarize
  • answer text-dependent questions
  • make inferences
  • use visualization
  • ….and so much more!
color by code free reading comprehension practice

How do these free reading comprehension worksheets work?

These reading comprehension activities come in both a print and digital version to easily fit the needs of your students and classroom. Students use the color next to each answer choice they chose to color the grid. They locate the number of the problem on the mystery picture. Then, they color the square to match the color beside the answer choice they circled.

Printable Version:

  • Student answered (a) for question #1.
  • The color beside answer choice (a) is RED.
  • On the mystery picture grid page, the student would locate all of the squares with a #1 in them.
  • The student would color each square with a #1 in it RED.

Each answer choice is color-coded. When students color the grid, they’ll know AND you’ll know if they answered all of the questions correctly

This resource makes learning reading skills and strategies fun and engaging! Most students don’t want to color their mystery picture incorrectly. They work really hard to make sure they get the answers correct!

These digital activities are perfect for distance learning or face-to-face skill practice in the classroom. Each reading comprehension activity is designed to be fun, interactive, and engaging. They are self-checking for students which makes them super easy to implement in any setting. If students type their answers correctly, they will reveal a secret picture consisting of pixels on the screen.

Digital Version:

This digital version was created in Google Sheets. You can easily share them as a Google link or through Google Classroom.

  • Students read and answer questions to the reading passages on the screen.
  • Next, they input their answer choices to reveal a secret picture, and each answer choice is coded to reveal a color.
  • If students correctly type the answer, they will see pixels pop up on the screen to reveal the mystery picture.
  • However, if students incorrectly type the answer, pixels in the wrong color will appear.
  • If all questions are answered correctly, the entire mystery picture will be revealed.
free reading comprehension digital activities

Did students answer the questions correctly? They will know and YOU WILL KNOW by the revealed secret picture.

You can choose to have your students find and correct their mistakes or submit the assignment as it is.

This interactive resource makes learning reading skills and strategies fun and engaging! Most students want the mystery picture to correctly reveal on the screen. They work really hard to make sure they get their answers correct!

Perfect for sub plans!

Need a day off or a sick day at home? This is a great resource to leave for a substitute!

I designed these color-by-code reading activities to be used in grades 3-5. In the download, you’ll get a set of reading mystery pictures for grades 3-4 and another set for grades 4-5. This makes them perfect for differentiation! Your students will love practicing important reading skills and strategies with these free reading comprehension worksheets! You’ll love the ease of planning. Just PRINT & GO or assign through Google!

color by code free reading comprehension worksheets
free reading comprehension digital activities

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I have created an entire set of Reading Skills and Strategies Mystery Pictures for the entire year for grades 3-5. They span a variety of reading skills and strategies. You can find them all here.

Reading Skills and Strategies Color By Code Activities
Reading Comprehension Color By Code Activities

Save these Fun and Engaging Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Don’t have time to download now? That’s okay! Just pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back to it when you need some new ideas for engaging your students in reading comprehension. These reading skills and strategies mystery pictures are perfect for test prep review, too!

Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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