Meet the Teacher Night: Essentials for a Successful Open House

Besides the first day of school, there is one day that might excite students even moreโ€”Meet the Teacher Night! An open house sets the stage for a partnership between the parents, teachers, and students. Students are anxious to meet their new teacher, and parents are eager to hear more about the new school year. Meet the Teacher Night provides a platform for parents to get to know their child’s teacher. Parents hope to understand the expectations and class routines and build trust and collaboration. 

Overall, planning for Meet the Teacher Night may seem overwhelming. It can seem impossible to cover everything with parents in one night between the forms, supply lists, and schedules. Luckily, there are Welcome Back to School Letters and Forms with everything you need to prepare for Meet the Teacher Night or Open House. 

Meet the Teacher Night: Essentials for a Successful Open House

A Few Quick Tips

Like anything in teaching, for your night to be successful, preparation is key. Before you dive into planning, here are a few quick tips to make sure the night is a great success. 

Tip #1: Let Your Personality Shine

First and foremost, let your personality shine through! Being genuine and true to yourself allows students and their families to connect with the real you. This means they meet a teacher who genuinely cares about their child’s growth and success. 

Tip #2: Greet Everyone

Honestly, Meet the Teacher can be chaotic. There are so many families, so many questions, and so much information to cover. It can be easy for teachers to be pulled in multiple directions. Creating time to talk to each family is essential, even if it is just a quick meet and greet. Some teachers choose to stand by the door as families arrive, and some prefer to roam around the classroom and mingle. Either way, the first impression is the most important one. 

Tip #3: Prepare Your Room

Okay, so your classroom doesn’t have to be decorated to a “T,” but it does need to have some organization. Students love to see what their classroom will look like, and parents like to know that you have prepared. Start by setting up your desks, organizing supplies, and ensuring enough space for parents to walk. If you have time before Meet the Teacher, add in some fun classroom decor. Don’t worry; if you don’t have time, quickly find a few motivational posters to add to your bulletin boards. 

Tip #4: Back to School Teacher Checklist

Create a checklist with everything you need to do in the upcoming weeks. Having a list will help clear your mind of constant to-do’s and keep you on track to completing everything. Create your own, or grab the FREE Ultimate Back to School Teacher Checklist below! It has a pre-made list of all the to-do’s categorized by the week you need to do them. Simply print and check!

Now, you can jump into planning the information your parents and students will need!

Welcome Back to School Letters and Forms

This resource does an incredible job of including everything you need for Meet the Teacher Night, Open House, and the first week of school. Parents will love receiving valuable information about their child’s class and will be happy to know they have a prepared teacher. 

There are over 50 editable forms, checklists, and letters to keep you organized. There are so many options of pages to choose from that there is no need to worry about forgetting a form or a letter. Indeed, the Welcome Back to School Letters and Forms has it all!

Meet the Teacher Night Essentials

Meet the Teacher Night Essentials

Teachers know that communication with parents and students lasts throughout the year. That is why this resource covers all the letters, school forms, surveys, questionnaires, and checklists you could need. While some printables are for use before school starts, several won’t be needed until the year begins. 

Before Meet the Teacher 

Sending welcome back letters to students and parents before Meet the Teacher Night is a great way to build anticipation! Students will get so excited about the upcoming school year. 

Specifically, these letters allow you to introduce yourself, share your teaching background, and outline what students can expect in your classroom. Including the date and time for Open House or Meet the Teacher Night is also important. Welcome back letters will set a positive tone for the year ahead. 

Students also love the Meet Your Teacher letter! Students will love not only getting to meet their teacher in person but also getting to know all the fun details in their Meet the Teacher letter beforehand. You can easily edit the letter to introduce yourself and share a few fun personal details. Students love learning their teacher’s go-to snack or favorite color! The letter is also a form of an icebreaker. It will open up great conversations between students and parents alike. 

Meet the Teacher Night Essentials

During Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher can be stressful, not only for teachers but for parents as well. There is often so much information shared that parents experience information overload. Remember, you don’t have to bombard the parents with info for the entire year. Only give them what they need to know for the first few weeks of school. Everything else parents need to know can be given in a letter or a form for them to take home and review later. 

These Welcome Back to School Letters and Forms include the student’s daily schedule, supply lists, homework, grading policy, student info sheet, and classroom rules and behavior policy. It also provides a media release form, transportation letter, parent survey, and many more important forms. 

During the School Year

Once the school year begins, teachers know how tough it can be to sit down and find or create the form or letter you need. With the Welcome Back to School Letters and Forms, you can refer to this resource throughout the year. 

When you are ready to implement a behavior log, book checkout system, or need a Chromebook checkout sheet, all you have to do is click print! It also includes forms like a substitute teacher feedback sheet, a five-minute book conference form, and more! 

substitute teacher feedback form

For the Teacher 

Preparing everything for Meet the Teacher Night can be a huge task! However, the Ultimate Back to School Pack has a few items just for the teacher. It has a list of fun attention grabbers you can use when you need your students’ attention. Keep a copy of these on your desk and your whiteboard for easy access. When you need students to focus on you, shout out an attention grabber, and students respond with their version. 

With elementary students, teaching procedures during the first few weeks of school will save your sanity for the rest of the year. A back to school procedures checklist is included to guide you through the first few weeks of school. This will ensure you don’t forget to review any important procedures with your students. 

Back to School Procedures Checklist


These editable pages and templates can easily be changed to meet the needs of your classroom. This way, you can easily edit and customize colors, fonts, texts, or layouts. Add some fun to the letters and forms by printing the black and white version on brightly colored paper. This will really make them POP and stand out among other papers you might need to send home!

Also, each template comes pre-filled with information. This saves teachers so much time from having to think of what to write where! Simply change the info to yours and add your own details to meet the needs of your classroom. Easy-peasy!

Honestly, you will be set up for a successful Meet the Teacher Night using the Welcome Back to School Letters and Forms. Parents will be so thankful for the information and that their child’s teacher took the time to prepare a welcoming night for them. As students leave Meet the Teacher, their excitement and anticipation for the first day of school will continue to grow. You will be on your way to your best year yet!

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Meet the Teacher Night: Essentials for a Successful Open House

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