25 Days of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Teachers are constantly trying to reinforce the character trait of kindness. What better time to focus on kindness than the holiday season?! Honestly, December is the perfect time to practice intentional kindness in upper elementary. Students in upper elementary are old enough to enjoy the season beyond Santa, gift-giving, and fun celebrations. This festive season provides a unique opportunity to teach students empathy, compassion, and generosity. Luckily, teachers can teach these values through random acts of Christmas kindness. 

Random Acts of Kindness Classroom Calendar Christmas Holidays

What are random acts of kindness?

Free 25 Days of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Random acts of kindness are small, selfless gestures to bring others joy or comfort. These acts of kindness are given without expecting anything in return. These acts can range from leaving an uplifting note to holding the door open for someone. The classroom is the perfect setting to teach the virtue of kindness. 

Bringing Christmas kindness to your classroom can foster a positive and supportive classroom environment. However, the best part is that kindness is contagious. By implementing random acts of Christmas kindness into your classroom, you will also see kindness spill over into their family, friends, and community!

Brainstorming Random Acts of Kindness

Once students are introduced to what random acts of kindness are, they immediately begin brainstorming. Give students time to think of simple things that will bring joy to others. Remind them that these acts can be done inside and outside the classroom. Specifically, these could be complimenting someone, writing a letter to someone, or donating an item to someone in need. Let their creativity flow as you jot down all of their ideas. All ideas, big or small, can bring happiness to someone. 

Christmas Kindness Calendar

Spreading kindness can be done year-round, but Christmas is a fantastic time to spread joy! Challenge students to complete one random act of kindness for 25 days. Thankfully, the Christmas Kindness Calendar has 25 random act ideas ready to go! 

This fun Christmas activity for upper elementary includes a 25-day Christmas Kindness Calendar and a 25-day Holiday Kindness Calendar. This way, you can include all students in spreading kindness, no matter their beliefs. This resource also includes a blank calendar where students can write their own acts of kindness.

The best part is that most acts of kindness don’t need an adult’s help. Completing the acts of kindness and passing along the holiday spirit will thrill students!

Free Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar
Free Random Acts of Kindness Holiday Calendar


Starting this Christmas activity at the beginning of December is a great way to kick off the holiday season. Students can keep their calendars in a clear report cover and take them home daily. Also, have students mark off each day on their calendar that they complete their act of Christmas kindness. Honestly, seeing this will encourage them to keep spreading joy until they return to school in January. 

Add to the excitement by holding a random acts of kindness competition. See who can complete the most random acts of kindness! Most students love the competitive aspect, and you can even throw in a reward or coupon for participating. 

Fun Extras

Free RACKED Gift Tags Cards Random Acts of Kindness

Christmas activities in upper elementary can be so exciting. Adding extra elements of fun will make this project stand out. The Christmas Kindness Calendar includes “You’ve Been Racked!” gift tags. These can be attached to gifts, notes, or crafts students are gifting. 

Giving compliments is one of the first acts of kindness students want to complete. Luckily, there is a fantastic stocking stuffer craft included! Students will make a stocking for other students to “stuff” with compliments. Honestly, these fun Christmas extras will add so much excitement to the 25 Days of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness!

Of course, the holiday season must end, but kindness doesn’t have to. Luckily, you can keep the momentum of kindness by using this Character Education Kindness Lesson! Students will love passing on the true meaning of the season throughout the entire school year.

Optional Craft Idea

Random Acts of Kindness Craft Idea

Take it a step further and add a hands-on element! These free kindness calendars comes with an optional craft activity. Students create and decorate stockings, exchange compliment cards, and secretly stuff each other’s stockings with heartfelt messages. This activity reinforces kindness and cultivates a positive classroom culture!

This fun project cultivates kindness, empathy, and a sense of community among students, making the holiday season a time of giving, sharing, and heartfelt connections in the classroom.

Grab the Christmas & Holiday Kindness Calendars below! (Craft Included)

Save this Christmas Activity!

Save this meaningful Christmas activity to your favorite holiday Pinterest board. You will be able to come back to this activity when you are ready to launch the random acts of kindness in your classroom!

Random Acts of Kindness Classroom Calendar Christmas Holidays

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