Exploring Fall Math Mazes for Brain-Teasing Fun

Fall is officially in full force! Students have settled into their classroom, begun learning new skills, and are excited about transitioning to fall. The beginning of fall is the perfect opportunity for teachers to introduce fun math lessons into their routines. Luckily, Fall Math Mazes are the perfect brain-teasing activity to practice math skills and have fun! Teachers can make learning math an exciting adventure with this amazing fall resource!

Fall Math Mazes for Upper Elementary

Benefits of Using Math Mazes

Students may be used to practicing math using traditional worksheets. However, math mazes are so much more than that! Also, there are many benefits to using them in the classroom.

This resource provides a hands-on learning experience for students. This benefits kinesthetic learners who thrive on physical activities and interactions. All students will love working their way through the maze as they problem-solve along the way!  Another benefit students will experience an increased level of critical thinking. Math mazes require students to think critically and consider multiple steps ahead to find the correct path. This fosters the development of critical thinking skills. 

Teachers will find that by using math mazes over traditional worksheets, students will become more motivated. You can use them as a reward or a break from formal math lessons. These fun brain-teasers can also motivate students to keep their focus and get excited about math. Honestly, math mazes can be a refreshing change of pace in the classroom. For more fall reading and math activities for the classroom, check out these Halloween activities for upper elementary.

Fall Math Mazes for Upper Elementary

Fall Math Mazes

The Fall Math Mazes include 15 ready-to-go math activities! There are three different versions of this resource to choose from. Students can practice place value number forms and number sense, addition and subtraction with regrouping, and multi-step word problems. Additionally, students will strengthen their math problem-solving ability as well. Each math maze contains fun fall elements like leaves, pumpkins, and acorns to excite students about practicing essential math skills!

Multi-Step Word Problems Fall Math Mazes

Place Value and Number Sense Fall Math Mazes

Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping Fall Math Mazes


Math teachers know how challenging math can be for some students. Many students do not correlate math to fun because they need help with the subject. Thankfully, you can use the fall math mazes to differentiate instruction. 

For each math skill, there are three levels of math mazes to choose from. Teachers can easily differentiate by selecting the skill for students to practice and assigning one of the three levels. The differentiation is already done for you! Honestly, students will be so thankful to join the fun at a level personalized just for them. You can even have students work their way through all three levels!

Fall Activities for Upper Elementary

No Prep

Fall can be such a busy season. Once fall hits, it feels like a mad dash to cover all the essential math skills students need before Christmas break. Between the fall activities and learning, students need time to have a bit of fun! Luckily, the fall math mazes are an excellent way to make sure students practice the math skills they need while having a blast at the same time!

This resource was created with the busy teacher in mind. It is entirely no-prep and is designed for you to simply print and go! This resource includes everything you need to review and practice essential math skills while differentiating by student skill level. 

Math Mazes in the Classroom

One of the best parts of this fun activity is how easily you can adapt the maze to fit into your math lesson. When introducing them into your classroom, start by modeling the first question or two for students. Ensure students understand the purpose and how to solve the brain teaser. 

After students understand the goal well, allow them to work with a partner to solve their first brain teaser. Working in pairs will help build confidence in their math skills. 

When students are ready to dive into the activity individually, the possibilities are endless! You can use this resource as an incentive, a fun task for early finishers, with intervention groups, or just as independent desk work! 

Fall Activities for Upper Elementary

Honestly, no matter how you implement Fall Math Mazes into your classroom, your students will be begging for more! For fun brain teasers that cover additional skills, check out math mazes for spring and winter!

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Fall Math Mazes for Upper Elementary

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