March Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom

There are so many amazing things about the month of March. It brings a close to the long, dark, cold months of winter. It’s filled with the hope of spring and new beginnings. But, it’s also that time of the year when the pressure of test prep really starts getting heavy. When students start dreaming of warmer days and counting down for spring break and summer. March is a pivotal month for sure! Let me help you sail through this month with these fun and engaging March activities that will keep your students focused, engaged, and working on important skills and concepts.

March Ideas for 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

March Morning Message

By March, students ‘should’ know exactly what to expect when they walk into the room. Am I right? 😉 Projecting a daily morning to-do list on the board will help your routine become a well-oiled machine.

This classroom tool is sure to help your mornings run smoothly and efficiently. I don’t know about you, but when our day starts off on the right foot – the rest of the day seems to follow right along. Not only will these morning slides allow you to take care of all the morning administrative tasks, but they will also allow your students to strengthen their skills of working independently.

If you are not using a morning message I would encourage you to try it out. This spring is a great time to do it. Let your students know that you are going to be working on more independence skills to help them get ready for next year.

March Morning Message

These March BITMOJI Morning Messages are an easy way to ease students into more independence. By now, they already know what you expect so having them do it without verbal prompting is a logical next step. Simply edit the slide to include your morning routine and then let students be responsible for getting it done.

Each slide also includes a quote and journal topic that can be used for daily writing. Easily change my BITMOJI to yours and then customize the morning note to fit your classroom needs. It’s quick and easy to edit and will free you up to take care of your other morning duties.

Grab these March BITMOJI Morning Messages and start your day off on the right foot!

March activities for morning meeting

March is for Mastering Reading Skills!

March Activities for Close Reading

With “the big test” right around the corner, March is the time when we really want to see our students mastering important reading skills and strategies. Close reading is an excellent way of doing that. Students will use repeated readings to focus on different skills as they deepen their comprehension.

When I first started using close reading, what I saw in my students compared to previous years was nothing short of astounding. For years I encouraged my students to read a passage more than once and apply the strategies we had learned. For years it was like pulling teeth. Then we started using close reading strategies.

Instead of suggesting it (which just sounded like more work to them) we actually put it into practice with the reading passages we did. This became the norm. When students were left on their own to complete a passage I saw them using close reading strategies without being asked. Needless to say, their application of different reading skills and strategies improved as did their overall comprehension.

  • March activities for upper elementary

It’s not too late to try close reading!

If you are not familiar with Close reading you can find out more about it in this blog post. Nothing has helped my students develop solid thinking skills while reading like our close reading instruction. While it is a great tool as we prepare our students for the testing season, it’s an even better tool to help them become better readers.

Even if you have not used close reading before, it’s not too late to teach your students the ideas and procedures used in close reading. Start working on them now and by the time they get to testing day, they will be pros and ready to use them on their own.

  • March Close Reading Bundle
  • March Close Reading Bundle
  • March Close Reading Bundle
  • March Close Reading Bundle

There’s more than enough reading in this resource to fill your reading lesson plans for March! Your students will love these seasonal and holiday-themed non-fiction reading passages. This March Close Reading resource includes five reading passages and each comes in two levels so you can differentiate for the needs of your students.

  1. March Madness Basketball Legends
  2. The Rock Cycle
  3. Women in History
  4. St. Patrick’s Day and Leprechaun Legends
  5. Daylight Saving Time

Spring Main Idea Practice

Do your students need some specific practice with main idea and supporting details? These shorter passages provide just that. These Spring Main Idea passages are designed to give students the skills practice they need to master identifying the main idea and supporting details.

  • Spring Main Idea with Non Fiction Text
  • Spring Main Idea with Non Fiction Text
  • Spring Main Idea with Non Fiction Text
  • Spring Main Idea with Non Fiction Text
  • Spring Main Idea with Non Fiction Text

These spring themed passages are perfect for March, April and even May! A great addition to your reading instruction or centers. They also work great in small group activities to help students who are struggling with this skill.


One of my favorite March activities is teaching students about Limericks. Limericks, which have their roots in Ireland, are a great activity to connect with St. Patrick’s Day. Students will love learning about the format and structure of limericks and writing their own. Grab this FREE Limerick writing activity for your classroom today!

free limerick writing activity

No Prep St. Patrick’s Day Math and Reading Skills Review

No-prep skills review packs are a go-to in any classroom for fun and engaging math and language arts skills practice. The students love them and they are a great way to review and practice previously taught skills.

Try using these themed activities for morning work, independent practice, homework, and even small group instruction when students are struggling with a skill or concept.

This St. Patrick’s Day no prep packet includes a variety of math and language arts concepts. Here are just a few things your students will work on with these March activities:

  • reading comprehension
  • idioms, adages and proverbs
  • vocabulary & context clues
  • fractions
  • classifying shapes
  • lines of symmetry
  • multiplication and division
  • St. Patrick's Day No Prep Skills Review PAck

St. Patrick’s Day Digital Stickers

If you’re teaching virtually or assigning digital work, don’t forget your stickers! With digital stickers, you’ll never run out! These St. Patrick’s Day themed digital stickers for Google™ or Seesaw™ are the perfect way to connect with your students through distance learning or any digital assignment. Simply copy and paste the digital stickers onto student work in Google Slides™, Google Docs™, or click on the camera to add a sticker in Seesaw™.

  • St. Patrick's Day Digital Stickers
  • St. Patrick's Day Digital Stickers
  • St. Patrick's Day Digital Stickers
  • St. Patrick's Day Digital Stickers

Students can also collect their digital stickers in their very own digital sticker book! This Digital Sticker Book includes a 6-page realistic-looking digital sticker book with editable tabs. It also comes with 20 digital stickers you can use! Easily provide a fun way for students to collect and save their digital stickers!

  • Digital Sticker Book for Students
  • Digital Sticker Book for Students
  • Digital Motivational Stickers for Students
  • Digital Motivational Stickers for Students
  • Digital Sticker Book for Students
  • Digital Sticker Book for Students

Save these March Activities

March might be the start of all things spring, but it comes with its share of stresses. Let these ready-to-use activities take a little stress off your plate so you can focus on what is important in your classroom and at home.

Not quite ready to plan all of March? Just pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so that you can come back throughout the month as you need fun, engaging skills-based activities for your class.

March Ideas for 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

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