9 Free Reading Resources for Test Prep

Okay, are you feeling that test-prep crunch? We’ve all been there. Preparing students for standardized testing in upper elementary reading can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry! Thankfully, you don’t have to dig around the internet for hours on end to find valuable reading resources. This blog has nine free reading resources for test prep that are print-and-go! During this time of year, teachers are making a last-ditch effort to boost their students’ reading skills and confidence. These free reading resources will have your students feeling like reading rockstars on test day! 

9 Free Reading Resources for Test Prep in 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

#1 Close Reading Strategies Posters

Teaching close reading in upper elementary helps students become critical readers and thinkers. However, close reading requires students to read the text multiple times. Sometimes, this can feel overwhelming for students. Luckily, this free reading resource makes close reading click for your 3rd – 5th graders.

The Close Reading Strategies Posters are more than just wall decorations—they’re colorful guides that break down close reading into bite-sized steps. The “What Does a Close Reader Do?” printable is the perfect cheat sheet you can display on the wall as a reminder for students.

Plus, there are handy annotation cards that take the guesswork out of marking up a text (no more underlining everything!). To top it off, you can provide students with the step-by-step printable to keep them on track. It’s the perfect reminder first to understand what the text says, then how, and finally the deeper meaning of the text. 

Free Close Reading Strategies Posters

#2 Annotating Guides and Bookmarks 

Teachers always want their students to ace the test, but we also want them to develop a love for reading. Thankfully, the free Annotating Guides and Bookmarks can swoop in to save the day! 

This resource is the perfect tool to add to their reader’s toolkit. The reference cards show students how to annotate and what to look for in the text. No more wandering annotations—they’ll be circling unknown words, marking main idea, and underlining details and quotes.

Additionally, it also teaches students WHY annotating is powerful (think: better understanding, stronger recall). To make things super easy, there are even student bookmarks that act as a constant reminder to annotate! 

Free Annotating Guides and Bookmarks

#3 Reading Quick Checks

Like it or not, end of year testing will be here in no time. To prepare students, teachers need to quickly assess student knowledge of each reading standard. Luckily, the free reading quick checks are a quick and easy way to help teachers keep track of student progress. 

In total, there are six engaging reading passages, each with ten multiple-choice questions. Each passage focuses on a specific standard. This is the perfect free reading resource to help guide end of the year re-teaching. 

Free Reading Quick Checks

#4 Making Inferences Question Starters Bookmarks

Let’s face it, state testing can feel like a guessing game at times for upper elementary students. Especially when it comes to those tricky inferencing questions. Likewise, teaching inference can be challenging. All teachers want their students to be reading rockstars and understand things not specifically stated in the text. However, it can be hard to bridge the gap between what is stated in the text and those “aha!” inference moments. 

Thankfully, these free Making Inferences Question Starters Bookmarks can help bridge the gap. These bookmarks give your 4th-6th grade students an excellent tool for those tricky inference questions. They’ll have the definition of inferencing right at their fingertips, along with a variety of question starters to spark their thinking. Students can confidently uncover hidden clues in the text, feeling like test-taking champs in no time!

Making Inferences Question Starters Bookmarks

#5 Reading Comprehension Review Activities

Reading test prep in upper elementary is a necessity. Students work hard all year to soak up as many reading skills as possible. It’s important to review this essential skill before testing so students can keep their reading skills sharp! Using a ready-to-go review activity is a great way to do this. 

The free Reading Comprehension Review Activities include two engaging reading passages. The passage target those tough reading skills, like text structure and inference. In addition, it includes multiple-choice questions for each passage. 

However, also included is a student favorite—reading mystery pictures! As students answer the multiple-choice questions, their answer becomes their coloring key. When students finish they’ll have a super cool picture to show off and a brain full of reading comprehension knowledge. 

Reading Comprehension Review Activities

#6 Poetry Vocabulary Sorting Game

Creating engaging lessons for poetry review isn’t always easy. Students work best when they read poems that they can make personal connections with. Also, students need to be familiar with poetry terms and elements to be successful with poetry. Luckily, this free poetry vocabulary sorting game helps students review all things poetry!

This free reading resource actively engages students with sorting cards that break down those tough poetry terms. Students will love racing through the sorts to see who is done first. However, teachers can also use the vocabulary cards in small groups or with early finishers. Plus, with 24 different sorts covering figurative language, poetry types, and structure, it’s the perfect poetry test prep.

Free Reading Resources for Test Prep: Poetry Vocabulary Sorting Game

#7 Main Idea and Supporting Details with Nonfiction Text

Teachers work hard to find main idea and supporting details resources that are easy to understand for upper elementary. Not only do they need to be easy to understand, but they also need to cater to different learning styles. Thankfully, this nonfiction main idea and supporting details freebie is like a magic trick for test prep! 

These four printable pages have everything you need for reviewing main idea with nonfiction texts. For example, there is a to-the-point graphic explaining main idea and supporting details. This is perfect to have students place in their binders, so they can access it whenever needed. Also, there is a graphic organizer for students to track their findings, as well as two nonfiction passages. 

Tailoring main idea activities for students is sometimes necessary. Teachers can model this activity first, assign the passages for independent practice, or give as whole class work for students needing to brush up on foundational skills before the test. 

Free Main Idea and Supporting Details with Nonfiction Text

#8 Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Nonfiction text features are another reading standard to add to your test prep list. When students know how to identify and understand text features their overall comprehension of the text and the topic increases. Thankfully, reviewing nonfiction text features can be fun and engaging for your students, making it a win-win for the teacher!

The free Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt takes your students on an adventure! Students will complete a fun creator’s portrait about themselves, and a text feature journal with plenty of example pages for students to fill in with text features. There is also a handy text feature checklist that students can use as a guide. 

Free Text Features Scavenger Hunt

#9 Context Clues Scoot Game

Test prep can’t be complete without some super fun activities! Preparing for an end of year reading test can feel boring for students. However, scoot is just the game to shake students out of the fog and back into reading! 

This free context clues scoot game comes with 24 task cards Students will the sentences on the card and use context clues to determine the meaning of an unknown word. While working on context clues, students are up and moving while learning, as well as having a blast during test prep.

Free Reading Resources for Context Clues

Honestly, students will love test prep with these free reading resources! From close reading guides to scoot games, there is something for each day as you countdown to the big test. Students will have a blast as they brush up on tough reading skills. Make sure to ditch the test prep stress and grab these freebies above. Then, sit back and watch your students conquer their reading test with confidence! 

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9 Free Reading Resources for Test Prep in 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

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