Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Reading nonfiction texts in the classroom is an excellent way to build a solid foundation of knowledge. This is due to nonfiction texts spanning many different subjects and topics. For instance, nonfiction texts can cover historical events, scientific research, famous biographies, and more. Many nonfiction texts include text features as part of the reader’s experience. Knowing how to identify and understand the text features will increase overall comprehension of the text and the topic. Thankfully, teaching nonfiction text features can be fun and engaging for your students.

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

What are Text Features?

Text features are extra organizational elements not part of the main text. These visuals or written elements help the reader understand the information better. However, if students are unfamiliar with text features it is easy for them to read right past them without analyzing. Ignoring text features would cause students to miss out on valuable information and overall comprehension of the text. Luckily, there are several ways for students to explore nonfiction text features. 

Reading Activities for Upper Elementary

Types of Nonfiction Text Features 

There are many types of text features, and each text feature serves a specific purpose. For example, there are subheadings, fact boxes, captions, diagrams, sidebars, and several others. Generally, for upper elementary, there are over 20 different types of text features students may come across. Students must be able to identify the text feature type before diving into analysis. 

Thankfully, teachers can use text feature classroom posters to display what each nonfiction text feature looks like. Posters are a great visual reminder for students. This Nonfiction Text Features Posters contain 22 ready-to-print posters with the title of the text feature, illustration, and description. Teachers can display the posters around the classroom, or use them to introduce the text features one by one. 

Scavenger Hunt

Teachers must admit that when students hear “nonfiction” or “text features”, they don’t exactly get excited. However, teaching nonfiction text features doesn’t have to be boring. Honestly, this Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt is anything but boring! 

Once students are familiar with the types of text features, they need to practice identifying them. An exciting way to do this is with a scavenger hunt! Students will love “hunting” in nonfiction texts or books for all the text features they can find. 

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt Activity

In this scavenger hunt, students will create a text feature journal. Each journal page has a place for students to write the title of the text feature, provide an example, and write about how the text feature helps the reader. 

Honestly, writing not only helps students identify the purpose but also helps make connections between the text feature and the main text. Since teachers always try to increase reading comprehension, writing about text features will do just that! 

Reading Activities for Upper Elementary

Practice Activities 

The easiest way to make sure students understand text features is to practice. Practice makes progress! The more students practice reading each text feature, the more comfortable they will be when reading anything informational. Luckily, this Nonfiction Text Feature Activities pack has 3 different practice sheets and an assessment! 

This resource includes an engaging cut-and-paste activity, a textbook tour, and an article for students to put their skills to work! As students work through each practice, identifying the features and their purpose will become easier. 

Ultimately, teaching this essential skill will set your students up for reading success! Through understanding text features, students will begin to access prior knowledge, make connections with the text, and amplify their understanding of a text.

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Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

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