6 Free Math Resources for Test Prep

As spring approaches, so does standardized testing for most teachers. Love it or hate it, testing season always seems to sneak up quickly. As students begin enjoying the warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and more time outdoors, teachers are busy planning for state testing. Test prep in upper elementary often brings a mix of excitement and anxiety—especially in math. The best way to handle these mixed emotions is with fun and engaging test prep! Teachers know that for students to do their best on the test, they must feel confident in their math skills. Thankfully, these 6 free math resources for test prep are everything you need to ensure excitement while reviewing in upper elementary. 

6 Free Math Resources for Test Prep in 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

#1 Measurement Conversion Fans

One skill that always seems challenging for students is converting measurements. Honestly, there are so many units, that remembering conversions can be confusing. Luckily, this free measurement conversion fan is the perfect reference tool for math test prep. These 4 tips for teaching measurement conversions are also helpful.

While students are reviewing for standardized testing, they may come across skills that require them to convert measurement. With this handy conversion fan, students will be able to convert many measurements easily. There are nine fans included with customary, metric, and time conversions. Specifically, the fan references customary and metric length, weight, and capacity. It also includes clock time, calendar time, and periods of time. 

Free Math Resources for Test Prep

#2 Math Quick Checks

The closer teachers get to state testing, the more we must ensure students understand each math skill. With so many skills to teach, assessing each skill quickly can be difficult. However, with these math quick checks, teachers will have a ready-to-go assessment tool at their fingertips. 

This free math resource for test prep includes six pages of standards-based math problems for upper elementary. These no-prep pages cover rounding numbers to the nearest ten or hundred, adding and subtracting within 1000, applying place value and division concepts, and more!

Free Math Quick Checks for Test Prep

#3 Geometry Review Worksheets

Teaching geometry is crucial in upper elementary. Students are introduced to many new geometry concepts. For example, in 3rd grade, students must understand shape categories and shape attributes. In 4th grade, students learn how to recognize angles, classify two-dimensional figures, and generate number and shape patterns following a given rule. During 5th grade, students are taught to classify two-dimensional figures in a hierarchy and make connections between categories and sub-categories of two-dimensional figures. 

After a long year of learning new concepts, using free math resources to prepare for testing makes reviewing easy. Practicing geometry skills with these geometry review worksheets will ensure students are ready for the real deal when testing time arrives.

Specifically, students will review upper elementary geometry concepts such as, lines, angles, and rays, classifying shapes, and lines of symmetry. 

Free Geometry Review Worksheets for Test Prep

#4 Decimals Math Mazes

When math test prep is in full force, these decimals math mazes are the perfect free math resource to add in some fun! Math mazes are a fantastic alternative to a traditional worksheet. Students will work hard to solve math problems over fractions and decimals and then use their critical thinking skills to work their way through each math maze. 

 Students love completing these math mazes in small groups, or even as a fun and friendly classroom competition. Honestly, students will have so much fun solving each maze, they will forget they are doing math test prep! 

Math mazes can be a refreshing change of pace in the classroom. Explore how to incorporate math mazes into your classroom year-round here!

Free Decimals Math Mazes for Upper Elementary

#5 Place Value Task Cards

This free math resource for test prep may just be the best one yet! Place value task cards are great for many reasons. Why? Not only do teachers and students love them, but they are versatile. This set of 32 task cards is fantastic as a center activity, bell ringer activity, or independent work. Teachers can even incorporate math task cards into fun classroom games

Place value task cards cover essential skills students must know for standardized testing without actually looking like boring test questions. This makes it fun for the students, and teachers get feedback on how well the students understand place value. It’s a win-win!

Free Place Value Task Cards for Upper Elementary

#6 Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication in upper elementary is a foundational concept that students work hard to master. Practicing multiplication is always important no matter the grade level or time of year. Luckily, these multiplication worksheets are a no-prep way to review for standardized testing!

Sometimes multiplication can seem repetitive for students. Tossing in a little fun is a surefire way to create an engaging math review. This is why each multiplication worksheet includes a fun riddle for students to solve! 

Students will focus on multiplying two-digit numbers. For each math problem solved, students will plug in a letter they are given to solve the riddle. Truly, this method of multiplication review is fun, engaging, and even competitive!

Free Multiplication Review Worksheets for Upper Elementary

Teaching math in upper elementary is not for the faint of heart. Watching students learn math concepts and grow throughout the year can be rewarding, but also tough. Oftentimes, test prep may feel like all business, and no fun. However, with these 6 free math resources for test prep, students can celebrate learning with math mazes, task cards, and more! 

For students who are anxious about state testing, math test prep provides a way to channel their learning into building confidence in their math skills. Likewise, for those ready to showcase their knowledge, these free math resources are an exciting way to prove their understanding!

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6 Free Math Resources for Test Prep in 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

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