5 Reading and Math Activities for Spring

Has spring fever hit your classroom yet? With warmer weather and sunshine peeking through the windows, it’s tough to keep students focused during lessons. Students want to enjoy the sunshine just as much as teachers! However, spring is the perfect time to sneak in some quick and easy learning. Students are in a good mood, ready to ditch the winter blues, and dive into fun spring activities. Luckily, these five reading and math activities for spring will inject some fun into your upper elementary classroom routine!

5 Reading and Math Activities for Spring

#1 Main Idea and Supporting Details Reading Passages

At this point in the school year, finding main idea and supporting details in nonfiction texts can feel like a chore to your students. Luckily, these short, engaging spring-themed reading passages will add some sunshine to your classroom! 

The Main Idea and Supporting Details Reading Passages have twenty nonfiction reading passages. Each nonfiction passage is full of interesting facts about all things spring. From creepy crawlies to baby animals, students will love learning the fascinating information. Plus, the graphic organizers make it super easy for students to identify the main idea and supporting details, making mastering this skill a breeze.

Teaching Main Idea with Spring Main Idea and Supporting Details Activities
Reading and Math Activities for Spring

#2 Spring Close Reading Comprehension Passages

Spring can be a bit of a blur for teachers. Sometimes, teachers may feel overwhelmed with all the “spring things” you need to prep for, including finding fun reading and math activities. Likewise, it can seem you are in a time crunch to make all the fun spring activities happen while still leaving time for learning concepts like close reading. 

Honestly, teaching close reading encompasses so many essential skills that students need. A few of these are annotating, vocabulary practice, answering text-dependent questions, and writing. Thankfully, the Spring Close Reading Comprehension Passages have everything you need for an entire week-long reading lesson done for you! The fun part—students will learn all about the history of spring fever! 

Students will love diving into this fun spring topic while learning all the close reading strategies. Plus, it walks students through a clear step-by-step close reading model. 

Spring Reading Comprehension Passages for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade
3rd 4th 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Activities for Spring

#3 Reading Comprehension Spring Bundle

Incorporating reading and math activities for spring into your classroom is the perfect way to review crucial skills students need to master. Reading comprehension skills are key for your students’ success in all subjects, not just reading. Luckily, the Reading Comprehension Spring Bundle is the perfect way to keep those skills sharp!

In total, there are 12 reading comprehension activities. Each activity includes a spring-themed reading passage with multiple-choice questions targeting a specific fiction or nonfiction reading standard. Specifically, students will review point of view, context clues, text structure, and more.

Plus, each passage comes with a fun, spring-themed mystery picture that students can color in as a self-checking tool. No more grading papers for you—they’ll know immediately if they aced it!

3rd 4th Grade Spring Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions
4th 5th Grade Spring Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

#4 Spring Math Mazes Bundle

Something about spring can bring out the creativity in students. Students get the urge to ditch textbooks and dive into hands-on learning! Teachers will have no problem keeping their attention with these creative reading and math activities for spring. For example, the Spring Math Mazes Bundle is a fun way to motivate students during this time of year. 

This bundle of over 45 mazes covers a huge range of skills. Students will work on everything from converting measurements to classifying shapes. Also, with multiple difficulty levels for each skill, teachers can easily differentiate for the whole class! Students will beg for “just one more maze” as they solve problems and navigate to the finish line.  

Spring Math Mazes Worksheets Measurement Area Perimeter Angles 2D Shapes BUNDLE

#5 Spring Digital Stickers for Google Seesaw 

Students are so much more independent toward the end of the year rather than the beginning. This usually means students can handle more digital assignments. Digital or not, teachers know students love feedback on their work. Thankfully, these Spring Digital Stickers can perk up your digital assignments and boost student engagement. 

These adorable spring digital stickers are perfect for Google or Seesaw. Thankfully, they are easy to use by just copying and pasting them right onto student work in Google Slides, Docs, or Seesaw. 

Truly, adding these stickers to your students’ feedback will add a smile to their faces and give them the confidence boost they need to succeed! 

Spring Digital Stickers

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of these five awesome reading and math activities for spring. They are sure to keep your classroom engaged and learning, even when the weather outside is calling their name. From mastering close reading skills to whizzing through math mazes, students will have so much fun diving into spring learning.

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5 Reading and Math Activities for Spring

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