The United States Preamble Compared to The North Carolina Preamble


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This product introduces students to the United States and North Carolina Preamble. It includes: it’s purposes, principles, and goals of government established by our national and state constitution.

To gain better understanding, students are required to rewrite the Preamble in their “own” words. Help may be needed from the teacher and thesauruses are handy to have on hand.

This activity begins by defining a preamble and explains the differences between the United States Preamble and the North Carolina Preamble. (2 pages)

North Carolina Preamble cards are included for students. (1 page)

Students rewrite the Preamble in their own words using a thesaurus. (1 page)

Note: I print the NC Preamble cards for students to keep. I laminated them and give them out after teaching this lesson. I ask my students to memorize the Preamble and then perform for our class. The two students who memorized it the best are allowed to be video recorded and shared on our morning news TV channel at our school. I typically use the video the following year while introducing the Preamble.

This product is aligned perfectly with 4th Grade North Carolina Essential Standards.

This product is also included in my {Bundled} North Carolina Government Unit found at the link below.
My Entire North Carolina Government Unit {BUNDLE}

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