North Carolina Native Americans Bundle with Free Bonus Unit Test


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Introduce students to North Carolina Native Americans: The First People of North Carolina (The Paleo Indians), Tribes of the Coastal Plain Region, Tribes of the Piedmont Region, and Tribes of the Mountain Region.

This resource helps students understand and identify the cultural traditions and everyday life of the:

  • Paleo Indians (first people of North Carolina)
  • Waccamaw Siouan and Algonquian Indian Tribes (Coastal Plain Region)
  • Waxhaw, Tuscarora, and Catawba Indian Tribes (Piedmont Region)
  • Cherokee Tribe (Mountain Region)

This reading comprehension bundle is written for students and integrates reading, writing, and social studies standards.

Easily teach students about American Indian groups from North Carolina history while integrating standards across the curriculum!

This packet is perfect for:

  • test prep practice
  • reading groups
  • close reading practice
  • written comprehension

See each product description included in the bundle for more specific details about each resource.

⭐This resource aligns with North Carolina’s Essential Standards for 4th Grade Social Studies – 4.H.1.1 Summarize the change in cultures, everyday life, and status of indigenous American Indian groups in NC before and after European exploration.

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