Figurative Language Worksheets and Activities Idioms, Adages, and Proverbs


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These figurative language printable worksheets about idioms, adages, and proverbs are perfect for introducing these language skills. They will help your students easily identify and explain the meanings of common idioms, proverbs, and adages. The lessons included in this packet are always fun to teach. Students may surprise you by how many idioms, proverbs, and adages they have heard and actually know the meaning of!

Perfect for:

  • desk work
  • morning work
  • small groups
  • early finishers
  • reading centers
  • homework
  • tutoring

Included in download:

Introduction page:

  • Understanding Common Expressions – explaining the difference between an idiom, proverb, and adage.

2 practice pages for idioms:

  • Find the Idiom
  • What do idioms really mean?

2 practice pages for proverbs:

  • Find the Proverb
  • What do proverbs really mean?

2 practice pages for adages:

  • Find the Adage
  • What do adages really mean?

All answer keys are included.

This product meets the Common Core Standards for L.4.5b and L.5.5b

Looking for more practice on Idioms, Proverbs, and Adages? These task cards compliment these practice sheets and can even be used as an assessment tool!

Idioms, Proverbs, and Adages Task Cards for Center Games, Scoot Games, or Small Groups

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