parent teacher communication through distance learning

Parent Communication During Distance Learning

If you have been a teacher for longer than 1 day then you already know the importance of having good communication with parents. Add to that distance learning and the stress of a pandemic and the need for solid parent-teacher communication is vital. Here are some ideas for stellar parent communication during distance learning (but you can really use them any time)!

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Fun Summer Review Activities to Stop the Summer Slide

Fun Summer Review Activities

School’s out for summer! Doesn’t that just make you want to sing? I love summer and summer break. What I don’t love is the summer slide. But the summer slide can be avoided. I am excited to share with you some fun summer review activities to help avoid the summer slide and make summer learning fun.

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Using Boom Cards in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Looking for a new way to engage your upper elementary students? Today I am super excited to share with you why using Boom cards in upper elementary classrooms is a perfect way to get your students engaged in practicing core academic skills and concepts.

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4 Digital Ways to End the School Year

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and it is definitely one for the record books. I can’t recall anything like it – ever! The COVID pandemic has redefined the current state of education. Unlike pandemics of the past, our current state of technology has allowed “school” to continue. So why not let the End of the Year celebrations continue too! These digital end of the year activities will have your class remembering and celebrating their great year!

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Engage Students with Digital Task Cards

How would you like your students to have skills-based practice in a self-correcting format? What about an engaging activity like an app without ads? Maybe you’d prefer a practice or review activity without the need for making copies? If you answered yes to any of these, then I have the answer for you: digital task cards! In fact, digital task cards are all of these rolled into one!

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End of the Year Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom

The end of the school year is an exciting time! I know what you’re thinking – “Yes, Summer is coming!” But summer aside it is still an exciting time. It’s a time to celebrate the learning, the friendships, the hard work. But it’s also a busy time for teachers with so much to do. I’m here to help with both of these things! I’ve gathered some amazing End of the Year Activities for the Classroom!

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How to Assign Digital Lessons to Your Students

I’ve got an amazing digital lesson for my students, but how do I get it to them? If this thought has been in your head – trust me you are not alone! Whether you are new to a school that uses technology for facilitating assignments or whether you have been thrust into distance learning due to an emergency, the underlying issue is the same. Teaching our students through technology can be difficult if you don’t know the basics. So that’s what I want to give you today – the basic ins and outs of how to assign digital lessons to your students.

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Distance Learning Made Easy

Whether you have been thrown into distance learning because of a worldwide emergency like the coronavirus, your school is transitioning to a 1:1 format or whether you have chosen to educate your children through homeschooling, these distance learning tips and resources will make your job easier!

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Tips for Teaching Paired Passages in Upper Elementary

Third grade is a pivotal year when it comes to reading instruction. It is the year that we focus less on “how to read” and we begin focusing more on “reading to learn.” Along with this change comes a push for students to be thinking at a higher level while reading. Teaching with paired reading passages is a great way to do this. With paired reading passages, students have the opportunity to work on thinking skills that they generally don’t get with a single passage. Paired passages are great opportunities for comparing author’s purpose, drawing conclusions, comparing & contrasting, and inferencing.

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Paired Passages for 4th & 5th Grades

Learning to read is a process, a long process. I have found that there are two primary phases. From kindergarten through 2nd grade, students are ‘learning to read.’ From about 3rd grade forward, students move into a phase that I refer to as ‘reading to learn.’ Learning to think critically while reading is a goal of this second phase of reading instruction. Using paired passages is a great way to teach these important thinking skills.

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Spelling Activities to Use with Any Word List

Spelling Activities to Use With Any Word List

When I was growing up my least favorite subject in school was spelling. Each week we had a new spelling list of 10 words, and each week we had to write each word 5 times and use it in a sentence. It seemed to be the same spelling activities, year after year. I wasn’t a bad speller, but I just couldn’t make myself get excited or even a little happy to sit down and write my words A.G.A.I.N.

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Growth Mindset Classroom

Create a Growth Mindset Classroom in 3 Effective Ways

Growth mindset in the classroom? It’s a game-changer, trust me. If you’ve been around education for the last few years, you’ve likely heard “growth mindset” more than once. That’s because teachers everywhere are adjusting their classrooms to cultivate a growth mindset environment. It is a powerful tool that can potentially transform students’ futures positively.

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