February Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom

Can you believe it’s already February? For a short month, there sure is a lot to do! This month has so many great things to celebrate: Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, Presidents Day, Black History Month, and much more! Here are some fun February activities your students are going to love.

February Classroom Ideas for Upper Grades

February MUST-HAVES!

February Morning Message

February morning message

There’s something special about consistency in the classroom for both teachers and students. Routines set your kids up for success. When they know what to expect, they can easily complete their tasks which helps them to feel accomplished. How amazing is it to be able to continue to build that self-esteem daily?

A morning message is a favorite routine for many teachers, and I bet if you asked their students they would also agree. My morning message slides include daily quotes, questions of the day, a to-do list, and BITMOJI avatars. The avatars are the student’s favorite part! What’s not to love about setting the tone for the day with high energy and excitement for learning?

These February BITMOJI Morning Messages are ready for you to use. Video directions are included, so you can jump right in. Daily writing is easy because each slide includes a quote and journal writing prompt. Plus you can easily change my BITMOJI to yours in just a few clicks.

February morning message is a great way to start the day in the classroom

These February BITMOJI Morning Messages are a great way to start your day in an exciting and engaging way with your students!

  • February Morning Message Slides
  • February Morning Message Slides
  • February Morning Message Slides
  • February Morning Message Slides
  • February Morning Message Slides

February Activities for Reading 

We all know that our kids get super excited when their work aligns with their lives, and that includes holidays. Who doesn’t want to throw in a few chocolate kisses and see if that cute little groundhog will show his face? All of our February reading activities allow you to do just that. With everything going on this month there is something to be celebrated almost every week.

Align your reading instruction to these holidays and themes with February Close Reading Passages.

Close reading is a strategy that requires reading the same text several times to interpret the author’s purpose and pick out different key features of the text. This method of teaching reading comprehension allows students to really dive deep into the text. While analyzing and interpreting the text, students use a variety of reading and thinking skills such as inferencing, citing textual evidence, and drawing conclusions.

This bundle of February activities for reading will get you through the month in no time at all! Your kids are sure to love these high-interest passages and engaging topics.

February close reading activities
  1. Punxsutawney Phil: The World’s Most Famous Groundhog
  2. Black History Month: Honoring Those Who’ve Changed History
  3. Chocolate Addiction: The Science Behind This Sugary Treat
  4. President’s Day: The Confusion About This Holiday
  5. Bird Migration: The Facts Behind Why Birds Migrate

All of these close reading passages are available in both print and digital format for your convenience. Differentiated instruction is easy since each passage comes in two different levels to ensure your students’ needs are met.

  • Chocolate Close Reading
  • Presidents Day Close Reading
  • Black History Month Close Reading
  • Bird Migration Close Reading
  • Groundhog Day Close Reading

NO PREP Valentine’s Day Activities

February is a busy month and the week and days leading up to Valentine’s Day are no exception. They just might be the busiest of them all. Get it ALL DONE with these NO PREP February activities! This bundle covers both ELA and math skills! Did I mention it was no prep? It’s a win-win for sure!

These no-prep activities are perfect to use for morning work, centers, independent practice, homework, and any time you need to review one of these important skills.

Here are some of the skills that your students will work on with these activities:

February No Prep math and reading activities
  • multiplication and division
  • lines, angles, and rays
  • factors and multiples
  • prime and composite numbers
  • main idea and supporting details
  • inferencing
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • context clues
  • parts of speech

You can find all of these fun and engaging February activities in my store. Grab the No Prep Valentine’s Day Skills Review and get your students reviewing these important skills.

President’s Day Literature Unit

Engage your students with a study of the Presidency using the book So, You Want to be President by Judith Saint George. Your students will love this read aloud (affiliate link) and digging into the book with the extension activities. This is a wonderful way to connect social studies and language arts.

This five-day unit will have your students working on vocabulary, opinion writing, reading for details, comparing and contrasting, point of view, and more. I love to incorporate this unit right before President’s Day and it’s a nice change of pace from the traditional focus on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Student Valentines from the Teacher

So this one isn’t really a February learning activity but it definitely qualifies as a February classroom activity! It’s Valentine cards and these specific cards are for your students.

Every year I try to come up with new valentine ideas for my students. After a while, I feel like I start to run out of fresh ideas. This Valentine’s from the Teacher bundle gives you TEN different options to choose from. And it’s free too! Here’s just a few of the student Valentine’s you can grab in this packet.

Grab your free Valentine’s from the Teacher pack and get your student valentines ready.

free resources for teachers

Valentine’s Day Digital Stickers

February Digital Stickers are perfect for Valentine's Day

Stickers aren’t just for young students! I haven’t found a child yet who doesn’t enjoy having a special sticker displayed proudly at the top of their work.  You don’t have to be teaching face to face to utilize stickers either. Digital stickers are a favorite amongst students who are completing digital work. They love receiving digital stickers and collecting them in their digital sticker book!

These Valentine’s Day Digital Stickers make it easy for you to reward your students doing virtual learning or while grading digital assignments. All you have to do is copy and paste the digital stickers onto student work in Google Slides™, Google Docs™, or you can even click on the camera to add a sticker in Seesaw™.

Save these February Activities

Save these fun and engaging February activities to your favorite classroom Pinterest board and come back throughout the month.

February Activities for Upper Grades

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