The Perfect Valentine for Your Students

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s one of those holidays that seems to sneak up on you because it happens just about the time you really get rolling and back in the groove after winter break. I have had years where I have been so focused on teaching and the inevitable test prep that I almost forgot Valentine’s Day. Ahhhhh! Not something I want to do. Then I created the perfect student Valentine that my students have loved that I can prepare in advance or at the last minute.

Valentine Coupons for Students

This student Valentine is a great gift to give students on Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to show them you care and it directly connects to the classroom. This Valentine Coupon Book is filled with coupons students can use during the remainder of the year. And there’s a bonus lesson of responsibility as students must keep track of their own coupons and follow the procedures for redeeming them.

Student Valentine gift from teacher

Creating the Coupon Book

Everything you need to create your own, customized student coupon book is included in this Valentine’s Day Classroom Coupons resource. This resource has 20 pre-made coupons and options for creating your own! There’s also a cover for the front of the books. Here are just a few of the options you have.

  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book
  • Valentine's Day coupon book

I would suggest choosing 5-10 coupons that you think your students would enjoy and that will work well in your classroom. Simply copy the pages for the coupons you want to use. After cutting out the coupons, stack them together with the cover and staple them along the side. You can also punch a hole and add them to a ring, too!

Student Valentine from teacher classroom coupons

Add each students’ name to the front cover and voila – a student Valentine your kids will go crazy for. I mean, who doesn’t love a No Homework Pass? You could probably fill the book with just that coupon and have really happy students!

Does putting a book together seem like too much? Why not just copy one or two individual coupons and hand them out individually like cards. It’s really a versatile Valentine that can be used or presented in many different ways.

Redeeming the Coupons

So, the goal of these coupons is to provide a fun treat for your students – not to add lots of extra work for you. I have some basic rules I tell my students when it comes to these coupons.

My Coupon Rules

No Homework Pass turned in by student
  1. Students are responsible for keeping track of their own coupons. I encourage them to keep the coupons in a safe place so they don’t lose them. If they lose the coupons they lose the right to redeem them. As the teacher, I don’t track who has used them and I don’t remind them what they still have available.
  2. If the coupon is for an activity like lunch in the classroom, show and tell, or something similar, it should be scheduled with the teacher at least 1 day in advance. The teacher has the final say on whether an activity can happen on a specific day.
  3. If the coupon is for an in-class activity (sit by a friend, use the teacher’s chair, wear a hat) the coupon must be redeemed at the beginning of the day before teaching time begins.
  4. If the coupon is for an assignment (no homework, 5 points added, write with a pen, etc.) the coupon must be stapled to the paper and turned in with the assignment.
  5. Questions about coupons and redeeming coupons should not happen during teaching time! It’s not alright to interrupt the teaching of a lesson or small group instruction to ask about a coupon or redeem a coupon. If a student does this, they must forfeit the use of the coupon and turn it over to the teacher.

Go over all the rules with your students from the beginning so they know exactly what to expect and how they can use their coupons. After that, the coupon system will just run itself.

Make it Work for You!

The key to these well-loved student Valentine gifts is to make a system that works for you! Every one of us runs our classrooms a little differently. Think about what would work well for you and then put those procedures in place. Use my rules or set-up your own. Just do what will work for you.

Like a little more control? Keep a chart where you can check off when a student uses each coupon.

Don’t want anyone to miss out? Let students redeem their coupons even if they can’t find or don’t have the physical coupon.

Too much choice? Have a set day when different coupons can be redeemed. Anyone wanting lunch in the classroom can only do it on a Friday. Anyone wanting to trade seats can only do it on the 10th of the month. Set parameters that work for you and your students.

Grab Your Student Valentine Coupons

You can find this resource in my store. It’s ready to print, copy and put together. After you use it once, I think you’ll love it so much you might even get the books put together in advance for future years!

Valentine's Day coupon book

Save these Student Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day comes around every year! So even if you don’t need the perfect student Valentine this year, you might next year! Just pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back.

Valentine's Day Classroom Coupons for Students

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