How to Use Digital Stickers in Google Classroom and SeeSaw

With the sudden increase of digital activities and assignments, student feedback and grading of work can lose the personal element. Students turn in an assignment digitally, teacher checks, records grade . . . next. It’s all pretty mechanical. But just because the work has gone digital doesn’t mean that we have to lose all the personal and sometimes fun feedback and encouragement students receive from the teacher. Enter Digital Stickers! I’m so excited to teach you how to use digital stickers so you can add a personal touch to your digital grading. Keep reading, because I have some free digital stickers for you to try at the end!

How to Use Digital Stickers for Google Classroom and SeeSaw

What is a Digital Sticker?

The plain and simple answer is that a digital sticker is an image file, just like a selfie or picture you would take on your phone. Digital stickers have been designed to resemble the paper stickers kids love. And since they are digital they are perfect to add to digital assignments.

Another bonus for digital stickers over traditional stickers . . . they never lose their stickiness and you can use them year after year after year!

How to Use Digital Stickers in Google Apps

It’s actually really easy to use digital stickers! If you are using Google Classroom or Google apps for student work just follow these steps:

  1. Open the digital sticker file in Google Slides.
  2. Click on the sticker you want to use and copy it using Edit – Copy or Ctrl+C
  3. Go to your student’s assignment and paste the sticker image using Edit – Paste or Ctrl+V
  4. Drag the image to the place you want it on the page and use the arrows to make it bigger or smaller.

That’s it! Easy-Peasy! Just keep the Google Slides file open and you can quickly and easily go back and forth to copy and paste the digital stickers that you want. If you’re like me and like to see a visual step by step, here’s a quick video:

If you’d like to keep your digital stickers in Google Keep then just follow these steps:

  1. Open the digital sticker file in Google Slides.
  2. Right-click on a sticker and then scroll to the bottom of the box and select Save to Keep.
  3. As you are grading student work, open up Google Keep in the right part of the Google app window by clicking on the Google Keep light bulb icon.
  4. Choose the digital sticker you’d like to add, click on the three dots and select Add to Slide.

Here’s a quick video showing you just how easy it is to add your digital stickers to Google Keep and then add them to student work.

How to Use Digital Stickers in SeeSaw

It’s just as easy to use digital stickers in SeeSaw too! Just follow these four steps:

  1. Download the digital stickers to your computer or iPad (whatever place you will be grading from)
  2. Open the student assignment in SeeSaw
  3. Click on Edit and then click on the Camera button
  4. Choose the sticker you want to use from the ones you downloaded in step one.

This short video shows you just how easy it is to add digital stickers to your students’ work in SeeSaw.

Digital Sticker Tips

  1. When adding a digital sticker to Google Docs (the word processing Google app) make sure to add the sticker to the header area of the page. Just double click on the header, then paste the sticker in. If you add the sticker to the body of the page it will change the formatting on the page. That’s no good!
  2. Digital stickers are usually saved as a .png file which allows the background to be transparent. If you download the stickers and save them to your computer make sure to save them as .png file. If they are saved to .jpeg image then the background of the image will be filled with white.
  3. Consider giving your students a digital sticker book to keep their stickers organized. Students love collecting stickers! This digital book makes it easy for students to collect and organize all of their digital stickers. It also comes with 20 motivational digital stickers that you can give students to help them start their collections, or you can keep them and give them to students throughout the year!
Digital Sticker Book for Students

Start Your Digital Sticker Collection

You can find all of the digital stickers I’ve created in my store. Pick 1 set or buy them all in the bundle. Whatever you choose, I know your students are going to love them!

digital stickers for google classroom and seesaw
digital stickers for google and seesaw set 1
Digital Stickers for Google and SeeSaw set 3
Digital Stickers for SeeSaw and Google
Digital Stickers for Google and SeeSaw Set 4

Holiday/Seasonal Stickers are NOW AVAILABLE!

…and more are coming soon!

Fall Digital Stickers
Winter Digital Stickers
Halloween Digital Stickers
Christmas Digital Stickers

Free Digital Stickers for Google and SeeSaw

Try them for free! Just download these free digital stickers and add them to your students’ work. I know your students will love getting positive encouragement from you for a job well done!

Free Digital Stickers

Pin it now to save for later!

Don’t lose these free digital stickers. Pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back when you are ready to add some digital stickers to your students’ work!

How to Use Digital Stickers for Google Classroom and SeeSaw

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