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New Year Activities for Upper Elementary

New Year Activities for Upper Elementary

The New Year is one of the best times of year in the upper elementary classroom! It is a time of focus, redirection, and the perfect opportunity to reflect and set new goals. Celebrating the New Year with students with fun yet educational activities will set the tone for a fantastic second school semester. As the winter break winds down for teachers, our thoughts shift back to lesson plans and curriculum. Luckily, there are no-prep New Year activities for upper elementary that are ready to go! With these fantastic New Year activities at your fingertips, you can sit back and enjoy the last few days of your winter break. 

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8 Engaging January Activities for Winter in Upper Elementary

8 Engaging January Activities for Upper Elementary

As the new year begins, it’s a great time to kick off with some fresh ideas in your upper elementary classroom. January marks the perfect opportunity to energize your students’ learning and get them thinking differently while exploring exciting topics! This blog post provides eight engaging winter activities for grades 3-5. Each resource is designed to help your students build collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Keep reading to discover activity ideas, tips for success, and printable resources that will prepare you each step of the way.

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No Prep New Year’s Activities for Upper Elementary

It’s winter break and you are enjoying your well deserved time off from school. As much as you try to block it out, there is always that nagging little voice in your head that says “you’ve got to work on lesson plans!” Well, now you can silence that voice and plan a fun and engaging New Year’s Day with these NO PREP New Year’s activities for upper elementary students.

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