Halloween Book Review: Writing Activity with Bulletin Board Idea


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Halloween Book Review: Wrapped Up In A Good Book

Mummy Theme for October!

This is a great writing activity to do in October!!! It looks great on a bulletin board! Students choose their favorite book and write a book summary on lined paper with mummy’s. Students must include:

Title of Book
Setting of Book
Main Characters
Type of Literature (Fiction or Nonfiction)
Brief Summary (including a beginning, middle and end)
*Careful note at the end to NOT give away the ending to someone else who might want to read their favorite book!
Students give their book a star rating

Students have a lined page to write their final draft of their book summary on. I put these on a bulletin board with mummys, and it stays up during the entire month of October. Students share their book review with the class, and they love reading all the book reviews on the board!

A rubric is included for grading their book review.

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