End of Year Memory Books

As teachers approach the end of year, it is time to start wrapping things up in your classroom. The end of school is always bittersweet. Knowing the lazy days of summer are right around the corner is exciting. However, teachers may also be emotional when saying goodbye to another great school year. Upper elementary students grow so much academically and through their character. Thankfully, these End of Year Memory Books will celebrate student successes and keep their memories for years to come!

End of Year Memory Books

Why Should I Make an End of Year Memory Book?

An end of year memory book is a fun and engaging way for students to reflect on the school year and see how far they’ve come. They are also a special keepsake for both students and their parents. As the years go by, previous students will come across their memory book and look back on the memories they made in upper elementary. An end of year memory book is a keepsake students can cherish now and later!

Since the end of year is always busy, students will enjoy the much-needed brain break while working on their books. All the fun students had throughout the school year will start to come back to them. As students document their memories in the book, they will also show their creativity as they make each page unique.

End of the Year Activities Memory Book

Tips for Making a Memory Book

Honestly, there are several ways to organize student memory books in upper elementary. Actually, some teachers like to start working on them at the beginning of the school year. For example, students start completing pages for special events like the first day of school, Christmas, Easter, and the 100th day of school. Lastly, at the end of the year they complete their final pages of the book, then put it all together.

On the other hand, most teachers like to complete memory books as an end of year activity. This fun resource is a fantastic way to have a little fun after end of year testing is done. Additionally, it’s a great time filler between field day, awards, field trips, and all of the end of year chaos.

End of Year Activities for Upper Elementary

The simplest way to have students complete the memory book is to create a folder for each students that includes the individual page of the memory book. Teachers can hand out the folders when it’s time for students to work on pieces of the memory book throughout the year or during the month of May. Students can work on the book at their own pace, as an early finisher activity, in a writing center, or as a fun Friday activity during the last few weeks of school.

When students finish, teachers can simply staple the end of year memory book together. For extra sturdy books, laminate the front and back cover, and bind the book together. Also, laminating the front and back cover and binding the book will help ensure durability for years to come. Honestly, students will love this memorable keepsake no matter how the book is put together.

Pages and Activities

The end of year memory book pages are filled with fun and creative ways for your students to reminisce about the school year. Each page includes facts to students fill out along with plenty of space and illustrations to make it their own. Here are a list of included pages below:

End of Year Activities for Upper Elementary
  • A Little Bit About Me
  • About My Friends
  • All About My Teacher
  • About My Classroom
  • All About My School Day
  • So Much Learning
  • The Best Books I’ve Read This Year
  • Field Trips that Rock
  • Moments to Remember
  • I’m Really Going to Miss…
  • My Plans for the Summer
  • Next Year…

A class signature page is also included which is always a fan favorite.

Honestly, the teacher’s favorite page is usually the Dear Future Me page. It’s so neat to see what students write to their future selves! Just imagine students rereading their letters in five years and looking back on how far they’ve come!

This End of Year Memory Book is available in a print and digital format so it is perfect for any virtual students that you may have or for those who prefer to work on a computer. There is even a special version for upper elementary classrooms in the UK, Australia, and Canada!

Looking for More End of the Year Activities?

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End of Year Memory Books

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