Creating a Welcoming Classroom with Classroom Decor

Creating a welcoming classroom environment is an important part of setting up your classroom for a new school year. After all, for 9 to 10 months of the year you spend many more hours there than you do at home, and so do your students. So why not make the classroom a visually appealing place that you and your students want to spend time in. An easy way to do that is with a classroom decor set that has everything you need.

Gone are the days of sterile white walls and desks in rigid rows. Gone are the days of “Hang in There” posters with a cat clinging to a tree branch for dear life. Say hello to a classroom that feels more like home, one that says “I am so glad you are here.” Say hello to creating a space that feels comfortable and safe. It’s time to say “Welcome to OUR classroom!”

Here’s some classroom decor themes and sets that are perfect for your upper elementary classroom, or any grade level for that matter. Some have a definite theme while others are more of a design concept. Either way, they are all perfect for easily creating a welcoming classroom.

Bright and Cheerful Classroom

Are you looking for an easy way to make your classroom bright and cheerful without being theme-y? Then look no further than this bright watercolor classroom decor set.

This cheerful set includes everything you need to set up a classroom calendar, label and organize your classroom, set up class jobs and much, more.

bright cheerful classroom decor set

Chalkboard & Burlap

Are you a fan of the farmhouse decor style? If so, then you will love this chalkboard and burlap classroom theme.

chalkboard and burlap classroom decor set

This set is perfect for students of all ages, but it works really well in classrooms with older students. There comes a point when kids don’t want to be treated like kids and this set creates a little more “grown up” feel that is perfect.

chalkboard classroom decor burlap classroom decor

Nautical Themed Classroom

Looking for a theme without it feeling like a primary classroom? You will love this nautical theme classroom decor set. I just love the soothing feeling of the colors in this theme.

red navy blue and brown ship and sailor nautical theme for classroom

This classic theme and Americana colors make the setting for warm and welcoming environment. These motivational posters are perfect for creating an inspiring bulletin board and starting class discussions.

nautical themed motivational posters for the classroom

Black & White with Bright Accents

Do you love the classic look of black and white? Add in some bright colored accents and you have a wonderful color pallet for an inviting classroom.

black and white with bright accents classroom decor

This classroom decor set is a fun spin on the traditional black and white. Use all the accent colors to create a bright feel or choose your favorite color or two to use as accent colors.

black and white classroom decor theme

Ocean Themed Classroom

There is something about the ocean that just draws you in. The animals, the breeze, the memories and dreams. Bring all of that into your classroom without the mess of sand and salt. Your students will love this ocean themed classroom decor set.

ocean themed classroom decor set

These motivational posters are the perfect addition to your ocean themed classroom.

ocean themed posters

Choosing Your Perfect Theme

Choosing a classroom theme can be difficult, there are so many available. I always like to choose something that both my students and I will enjoy. Here’s a side by side comparison so you can see them all together. Which one just draws you in? Chances are after you add your special touches it will draw your students in too!

classroom decor with black and white
burlap and chalkboard decor
nautical classroom decor
ocean classroom theme
bright watercolor classroom decor
classroom labels for organization
nautical theme
ocean themed decor
watercolor brights classroom decor theme
motivational posters black and white with bright colors
growth mindset posters
nautical motivational posters
ocean theme posters
growth mindset posters

After choosing your classroom decor theme you are well on your way towards Back to School. Find more great organization and time saving tips for starting the school year.

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