End of the Year Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom

The end of the school year is an exciting time! I know what you’re thinking – “Yes, Summer is coming!” But summer aside it is still an exciting time. It’s a time to celebrate the learning, the friendships, the hard work. But it’s also a busy time for teachers with so much to do. I’m here to help with both of these things! I’ve gathered some amazing End of the Year Activities for the Classroom!

Activities for the Students

End the year with one or more of these amazing activities for a school year wrap-up that your students won’t soon forget.

Teacher Report Card

This is a class favorite year, after year, after year. After all, who wouldn’t love giving grades to the teacher!

grade the teacher an end of the year activity

It’s time to turn the tables and let your students do the grading. I promise you – they are going to love this! This resource includes everything you need to complete the Teacher Report Card activity!

But be ready – the students are brutally honest. So put on your thick skin and use it as an opportunity to find ways to make yourself a better teacher.

Not sure if this activity is for you? Don’t take my word for it. Check out this video from Mr. N (aka Darin Nakakihara) who tells you all about this activity and how he used it with his students. Then check out the grades and feedback he received.

You can also get the Teacher Report Card in a digital version too! The same great activity just shared and completed digitally.

end of the year teacher report card digital version

End of the Year Memory Book

Another amazingly fun activity is to have the students complete a memory book about the school year. It’s so great to hear students talk about the things they loved, their favorite activities, the friends they’ve made and so much more. Even better is the keepsake they create.

end of the year memory book for upper elementary
Thanks to @chitownteacher for sharing her student’s memory book on Instagram! I’d love to see your finished pictures too!

This 15 page memory book is filled with topics and prompts to help the students as they think about the year. Not only is it a great way to remember, but it also a fun writing activity too! There are opportunities for so many different writing styles and writing activities. Your students will practice personal narratives, how to writing, creating lists, opinion writing and expository writing. It has lots of places to write about the year so you can feel confident calling this a writing assignment. Just imagine your students faces when you tell them this is their writing assignment! I’m pretty sure you will hear “you’re the best teacher ever” from more than one student.

end of the year memory book for upper elementary
end of the year memory book a peek at the pages

This book will help your students remember more than just the “fun” stuff. They will also be writing about books they’ve read, things they have learned and their plans for the future. They will even be writing a letter to their future self.

The Memory Book is also available in a digital format too!

digital memory book for grades 2 - 5

Help for the Teacher

So now that we have the end of the year activities covered for the students, let’s talk about all of the end of year things that you have to do! Wrapping up a school year is hard. There is so much to do, our energy is on the low side, and did I mention that there is so much to do.

I have taken my years of experience, tips and tricks, failures and flops {what I learned from them}, and put it all together into The ULTIMATE End of the Year Teacher Checklist. This list covers everything and it will have you organized for your end of the school year wrap up. Just click the picture below and the checklist will automatically download for you!

End of the Year Teacher Checklist

This checklist will not only help you wind down the year but it will also leave you in a really good place for starting the next year. I know that next year is not something we are thinking about yet – but our actions at the end of the year can help the start of next year be smoother and easier. You can also find more great End of the Year tips here!

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