How did we ever teach without the internet? I can remember when I only had one desktop computer in my classroom. It was one of those iMac G3’s that came in an array of beautiful colors. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and so did my students. Sharing one desktop computer was challenging. Thankfully, technology integration in schools has come a long way since then. Now, most schools are 1:1 with either iPads or Google Chromebooks, and teachers have a plethora of technology tools at their fingertips. There are tons of websites out there that simplifies lesson planning, keeps the classroomRead More →

Welcome back! If you haven’t read Part 1 of my 16 Time-Saving PowerPoint Secrets for Creating Printables click here. If you’re back for more of my PPT tips and tricks get your pen and paper ready, because I have so much more to share with you! I also have a bonus secret at the end so be sure to read all the way through (even if you already know all these secrets). 🙂 My first time-saving secret is all about formatting your background. When creating printables or (if you’re a TpT seller) product covers you sometimes want a background image. We often refer to theseRead More →

Do you use PowerPoint? This software is well known for creating professional slideshows. It has all the tools needed to create multimedia presentations as well as personal photo slideshows, but did you know it can be one of the most useful programs for creating printables for the classroom? When I first started creating curriculum resources on Teachers Pay Teacher I used Microsoft Publisher. I didn’t even bother attempting to create anything in Word. If you’ve ever tried to manipulate images or layer images in Word you know how frustrating it can be. Publisher seemed to allow for more flexibility when it came to inserting borders, clipart,Read More →

It was hard nearly impossible for me to come up with only ten web tools to share! I have so many! I actually had a hard time narrowing it down to just ten. So, here goes.  I’ll start with one of my favorites! #1 Remind (formally Remind 101) This is one of my favorite ways to connect instantly with students and parents.  Remind is a safe and FREE service that sends one-way messages via SMS, push notifications or email to anyone you invite with a special code for your class. Remind keeps phone numbers private while still staying in touch with students and parents. You can even set upRead More →

I teach 4th grade, and if you know anything about 4th grade you know that this is where the memorization of multiplication facts takes place! This is a bear to teach because you just can’t “make” a child memorize. I start at the beginning of each year with one minutes timed multiplication quizzes – given two times per week. I teach students a variety of tips and tricks to master the memorization of the facts. I even offer rewards and incentives! However, I still have students struggling with the actual memorization of multiplication facts. This year I allowed students to “bring their own device” toRead More →