3 Free End of Year Activities for Upper Elementary

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of summer vacation getting closer and closer! School days are winding down for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders everywhere. The backpacks might feel a little bit lighter, and those end-of-year jitters are starting to kick in. But hey, that just means it’s almost time for some serious summertime fun! Teachers need engaging activities to keep their class learning and having a blast during those last few weeks. Luckily, these 3 free end of year activities for upper elementary are meaningful ways to wrap up a well-done year. 

Free End of Year Activities for Upper Elementary

Reflecting on a Year of Learning 

The end of year is a special time for teachers. Teachers work hard all year to create a classroom community of intelligent learners. Now, teachers can take in how much students have grown throughout the year. 

Remember those first few days back in September? It may seem like light-years ago.  Can you believe how much taller some of them are already? And their brains – wow! They’ve learned so much—from tackling tough math problems to becoming superstar readers.

Teachers have seen new friendships blossom, interests shift, and maybe even a few tears shed (and that’s okay!). Most importantly, teachers and students accomplished a whole lot together. The last few weeks of school are the perfect time to squeeze in the last little bit of learning. Plus, by using these 3 free end of year activities teachers can create awesome memories while still putting their brains to work.

#1 End of Year Classroom Compliments 

Teachers are always looking for ways to create a positive impact on their students. Thankfully, this totally free End of Year Classroom Compliments activity will do just that! Whether it’s a compliment on their creativity, helpfulness, or their awesome sense of humor, each student will appreciate the kind words. 

This free end of year activity is basically print and go. Simply print the black and white or colored class compliments page, and give one to each student. Next, students will fill each classmate’s page with doodles and heartfelt compliments. When students receive their compliment page back, it is guaranteed to leave your students feeling warm and fuzzy.  

Classroom compliments are a fantastic way to combine a fun artistic activity with a powerful dose of character-building. Plus, it also includes a compliment starter list. This way, students who struggle with finding the right words can participate with confidence.

Free End of Year Activities: Classroom Compliments

#2 End of Year Letters to Future Students

Students have spent so much time this past year growing, learning, and having fun. However, before students skip off into summer fun, make time to reflect with students on their school year. Reflecting helps remind students of the amazing learning they have done, as well as how much they have grown. Reflection is a true confidence booster. 

Thankfully, teachers can have their current students reflect on their year while leaving behind advice for future students. The free end of year activity, Letters to Future Students goes beyond the typical goodbye letter. Students can reflect on their school year while writing letters to the students who will fill their shoes next year. 

Students can brainstorm their writing using the letter outline sheet. Specifically, the outline includes question prompts to help students begin their writing. Next, students will write their letters using the two-page letter template. Students will love writing about their favorite activity from the past year, what a new student should look forward to, as well as tips to help new students survive the school year. 

Honestly, this is a truly special end of year activity. Imagine a new student, feeling a little nervous about their first day in class. Now picture them receiving a friendly letter from a previous student filled with insider tips and secrets to making their year amazing!

Ultimately, this end of year Letter to Future Students helps your current students reflect on their year, identify the things they loved most, and share some helpful advice. Plus, it will get future students excited about joining their new classroom when back to school time rolls around.

End of Year Letters to Future Students

#3 End of Year Math Color-by-Code

Summer vacations, pool parties, and ice cream cones are practically begging students to ditch the math textbooks. However, taking a little time to sharpen those multiplication and division skills for next year will go a long way. Brushing up on those math skills now will make tackling trickier problems in the next grade a breeze. 

Thankfully, this fun Color-by-Code Multiplication and Division Practice is perfect for an end of year review. Students will work through multiplication and division problems, solving for an answer. Once they have their answer, students will find the correlating color. Students will color in each section as they sharpen their math skills. 

In the end, students will have a bright and fun ice cream cone colored to perfection! Students will be ready for summer and ready to take on new math standards next year! Review doesn’t have to end here. This End of Year Math and Reading Activity Pack has twenty engaging worksheets ready to go. Practicing those reading and math standards one more time before the end of year will prepare students for the next grade. 

End of Year Color by Code Multiplication and Division Practice

Honestly, no matter which free end of year activities you choose, remember to enjoy the last few moments. Don’t forget to create lasting memories with your students. Above all, choose activities that will bring joy to your classroom the last few weeks, and have students leaving your classroom as confident learners.

Save these free end of year activities!

As always, make sure to save these free end of year activities to your favorite upper elementary classroom Pinterest board! When the final few weeks of school roll around, you will be ready to go!

Free End of Year Activities for Upper Elementary

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