Summer Math Activities to Stop the Summer Slide

As summer break inches closer, summer math activities are the last thing on students’ minds. They are ready to trade textbooks for beach towels and classroom desks for sunny adventures, right? Well, hold on just a moment! While most students want to leave those pesky multiplication tables and formulas behind, practicing math during the summer can be a fantastic idea because just when you think it’s safe to stop learning, the summer math slide swoops in to steal your students’ skills! It’s common for students to lose progress over the break. Luckily, the Math Summer Review, will help students outsmart the summer math slide!

Stop the Summer Math Slide

Students work hard all year to soak up all the knowledge they can, and teachers work hard preparing lessons and helping students understand math concepts. Because of this, It’s disappointing to see all that hard-earned knowledge disappear over the summer. However, there are countless ways to keep their brains churning all summer. Thankfully, the Math Summer Review is an easy, no-prep way to provide essential practice for your students. 

Summer Math Activities for 5th Grade

Summer Math Activities 

Math is a subject full of essential skills that build upon each other from year to year. Students must keep their math skills sharp over the break to prevent learning loss. Fortunately, there is a Math Summer Review for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade! Each review has 25 math practice worksheets designed to meet grade-level standards. Including all grade-level standards will ensure that students review all skills they need to know for the next year!

Worksheets for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

So many essential activities are included to ensure students get the practice they need during summer learning. For example, the 3rd-grade activities cover numbers and operations in base 10, operation and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations with fractions, measurement and data, and geometry. Specifically, there are worksheets on telling time, two-step word problems, identifying shapes, and identifying patterns. Truly, so many necessary skills are included; these will be the only summer math activities you need! 

Fun in the Sun  

Honestly, students love all things summer! They know that fun in the sun won’t last forever, and they like to take advantage of every minute. Thankfully, the review activities only require just a few minutes each day. Students will be excited to know that they can keep crunching numbers and leveling up their math skills while still having plenty of time to enjoy swimming, the sand, or relaxation. 

Additionally, the packet includes a fun summer theme to get students ready to continue their summer learning. To really infuse summer into your classroom, you can snag these fantastic pool party decorations to jazz up your room and set the summer feel! Students will love walking into a bright and sunny classroom, ready to focus on learning!

Worksheets for 4th Grade

Math can be stressful for students to learn, but with these simple, no-fuss worksheets, students will feel confident in their skills.


There are many ways to incorporate summer math activities into the 3rd, 4th, or 5th-grade classroom. Specifically, the worksheets are perfect for review, test prep, quizzes, or even morning work! Begin a buzz of excitement about summer by Introducing the packet a few weeks before the end of the year! Students will love practicing essential math skills while they daydream about all the fun summer activities to come. 

On the other hand, if you are worried about how much students have forgotten over the summer, this resource is perfect as a back-to-school review! You can even implement the Math Summer Review into tutoring or as a fun take-home packet! Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Worksheet for 5th Grade

No matter how you use the Math Summer Review, the key to keeping skills sharp is practice, practice, practice! Luckily, these activities provide a fun way to boost their math knowledge and prepare them for the next grade. 

Tell your students to grab their sunblock and join the summer math journey to prove that summer and math can make the perfect equation and stop the summer slide!


Summer Math Activities For 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

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