Designed to STOP THE SUMMER SLIDE! This end of year 4th Grade Math Summer Review Packet has everything you need to reteach or review all Common Core math standards. Plus, it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT & GO! These activities are perfect for summer school, too!


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Many students lose some of their academic skills over the summer. Math is a subject full of important skills that build on each other from year to year. With this review packet, students will have the opportunity to practice grade-level math skills over the summer months in just a few minutes each day.

The pages in this packet are designed to meet all standards for 4th-grade while making learning and review FUN! All 5 domains and all standards are included. All pages are labeled with the standard for easy reference. Each page is numbered and includes the Common Core Standard. Easily locate the answers to each math problem by following the labeled answer keys.


What’s the best thing about his math review packet?

Not only is it great for summer math review, but it is also perfect for:

✔end of year review

✔back to school review

✔summer school



✔desk work


Included in this resource:

✔A review worksheet for every Common Core math standard in the 4th-grade curriculum

✔Each page is labeled with the standard at the top for easy reference

✔Four different student cover pages for students

✔All answer keys


Student cover pages included:

✔Math Summer Review

✔Math End of Year Review

✔Math Back to School Review

✔Math Skills Review


Pages Included in Download:

✔Table of Contents (for easy reference) Perfect for a binder!

✔4 Student Cover Sheets (4 to choose from)


Numbers & Operations in Base 10

• Find the Value (4.NBT.1)

• Writing Whole Numbers (4.NBT.2)

• Rounding Numbers (4.NBT.3)

• Adding & Subtracting Whole Numbers (4.NBT.4)

• Multiplying Whole Numbers (4.NBT.5)

• Dividing Whole Numbers (4.NBT.6)


Operations & Algebraic Thinking

• Multiplication Equations (4.OA.1)

• Comparisons Using Multiplication & Division (4.OA.2)

• Multi-Step Word Problems (4.OA.3)

• Factors & Multiples (4.OA.4)

• Prime & Composite (4.OA.4 cont.)

• Find the Pattern (4.OA.5)


Numbers & Operations: Fractions

• Equivalent Fractions (4.NF.1)

• Comparing Fractions (4.NF.2)

• Adding & Subtracting Fractions (4.NF.3)

• Multiplying Fractions (4.NF.4)

• Fractions Models (4.NF.5)

• Fractions & Decimals (4.NF.6)

• Comparing Decimals (4.NF.7)


Measurement & Data

• Sizes of Units (4.MD.1)

• Measurement Word Problems (4.MD.2)

• Area & Perimeter (4.MD.3)

• Line Plots (4.MD.4)

• Measuring Angles (4.MD.5)

• Using a Protractor (4.MD.6)

• Missing Measurements (4.MD.7)



• Lines, Angles & Rays (4.G.1)

• Classifying Shapes (4.G.2)

• Lines of Symmetry (4.G.3)


All answer keys are included to make this packet easy for teachers and parents to use!

This packet is perfect for summer review of 4th-grade math skills, end of year review, or back to school review for 4th graders going into 5th grade.

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