Testing Strategies Posters | Test Prep – Relax and Cubes Method Included


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Review testing strategies for standardized tests with these 26 visual reminders! This colorful poster set looks great displayed in the classroom and are perfect everyday reminders for students.

Included in Download:

16 Testing Strategies and Reminders Posters

  • Before the Test
  • During the Test
  • Bubble Basics
  • Listen and Learn
  • Skim Questions
  • Read and Reread
  • Look Back
  • Cross Out
  • Notice Key Words
  • Watch Your Time
  • Math Tips
  • Show Your Work
  • Check Again
  • Line It Up
  • Eagle Eyes
  • Stay Focused

10 Relax and Cubes Testing Strategies Method

  • R = Read the questions
  • E = Examine all answer choices
  • L = Label your answers in the passages
  • A = Always look back
  • X = X-out wrong answer choices
  • C = Circle important numbers and units
  • U = Underline the words that tell what you are being asked to solve
  • B = Box math “action” words
  • E = Evaluate steps you should take & eliminate information you don’t need
  • S = Solve and show your answer

*The poster sets can be used with any grade level.

*Black and white versions are also included.

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