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Review testing strategies, play games, and encourage students to do their best on standardized tests with this fun bundle! In this download, you get a variety of testing strategies and games to use in the classroom. Mnemonics using the Relax & Cubes method are included, as well as testing desk tags and treat ideas for students on testing days.

Included in download:
16 Testing Tips & Strategies Posters
Print in color or black and white. The black and white version looks great printed on Astrobrights paper or any brightly colored paper! This set makes a great bulletin board!

Testing Tips & Strategies Booklet for Students
These 16 testing tips also come in a booklet for students to take home to read with parents or keep in binders for review.

Test Taking Strategies for Reading and Math
I’ve used these test taking strategies for years with my students. I have these same strategies on anchor charts in my classroom and refer to them often during review for testing. A black and white version is also included. These are great for students to keep in binders to refer to at home.

Finding the Right Answer Poster
I use this STOP, SLOW DOWN, and GO method with my students. This is also on a large anchor chart in my classroom. It basically serves as a reminder to STOP (re-read), SLOW DOWN (look back), and GO (eliminate answer choices and choose the best answer).

14 Review Games & Strategies Cards
These 14 different review games and strategies cards are perfect for a quick review anytime. Print, cut, laminate, and put on a key ring for easy access!

Testing Challenge for Students
This is perfect for students to keep at their desk or in binders. Students can easily keep track of progress on practice tests. It encourages students to beat their score each time by reminding them to use their testing strategies.

Reading and Math Conference Records
I use these conference records with students when we review their practice tests. These conference records review the RELAX and CUBES testing strategies. I staple the conference record to each student’s practice test before sending home.

Relax & Cubes Poster Set & Bookmarks for Students
Reading strategies posters include:
•R = Read the questions carefully & re-read to find the answers.
•E = Examine every answer choice before you choose your answer.
•L = Label your answer in the passage when you find it.
•A = Always check your answers by looking back.
•X = X-out answer choices that could not possibly be correct.

Math strategies posters include:
•C = Circle key numbers! Write standard form above word form.
•U = Underline the question. What are you being asked to solve?
•B = Box key words! These words will tell you what to do.
•E = Evaluate steps you should take & eliminate what you don’t need.
•S = Show your work! Check to see if your answer makes sense!

Testing Strategies Bookmarks for Students
The bookmarks are the perfect testing strategy reminders for students. Print and laminate for students to easily review testing strategies for standardized tests! The mnemonics includes: RELAX (for reading strategies) and CUBES (for math strategies). These easy to remember strategies are used for taking multiple choice standardized tests.

*These poster sets and bookmarks can be used with any grade level.
*Black and white version of the bookmarks is also included.

You can also purchase this poster set and bookmarks individually in my store at the link below.
Testing Strategies: Relax & Cubes Poster Set & Bookmarks for Students

Easing the Stress of Testing: Encouraging Desk Notes for Students
•32 Testing Desk Tags for students
•*A parent encouragement note idea included!

Unfortunately in this day and time testing is a reality, and as educators, we must prepare students for standardized testing. Some students get very stressed during this time. We often try to comfort our students by saying, “Don’t worry. You’ve got this!” or, “Just do your best!” However, I think it’s important to encourage parent engagement as well.

Included in this download is a note you can send home to parents requesting that they join you in easing the stress of testing at school. Parents are asked to write a short note of encouragement and to send a picture (no larger than a 5 x 7) to be displayed in the classroom during testing sessions. I have done this for years in my 4th-grade classroom, and students love reading all the notes from parents, as well as sharing their own.

There are 32 desk notes you can print and leave on student desks with a small treat each day. A page is included which lists the desk notes and treats ideas to include with each one.

Another idea:
In the past, I’ve used these notes with my own children as well. I’ve used them as lunch notes by slipping them in their packed lunch each day of testing. It always makes them smile, and they look forward to seeing what they will get each day.

This is just one small way to show your support and encouragement from home as a parent, or from school as a teacher!

You can also purchase these testing desk notes and treat ideas individually in my store at the link below.
Easing the Stress of Testing: Encouraging Desk Notes for Students

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