Poetry Unit: Hate That Cat Poetry Activities and Book Test | Digital Included


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PRINT & DIGITAL! This 27-page reader’s response booklet is designed for students to use while reading the book Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech. This packet is broken down into approximately 25-page sections of the book which include reader’s response questions and aligned poetry activities for each section.

⭐NOTE: This resource also includes a digital version. If you currently own the printable version of this Hate That Cat poetry unit, you can now download the digital version for free!
⭐Created in Google Slides™ and Google Forms™
⭐Compatible with Google Classroom™ and Google Drive™

The printable and digital version of this resource includes:
• a 27-page reader’s response journal
• extra poetry pages/activities found throughout the packet
• Hate That Cat book test
• answer keys

Common Core Aligned Vocabulary Includes:
• assonance
• consonance
• rhythm
• symbol
• mood
• tone
• prose
• concrete poetry
• narrative poetry
• free verse poetry

Reader’s Response Journal and Extra Poetry Activities

The breakdown of pages included:
• Character Profile of Jack
• Before You Read
• Vocabulary Introduction
• Reader’s Response pages 1-25
• Poetic Comparison
• Vocabulary Review
• Reader’s Response pages 26-51
• Mood & Tone
• Finding the Mood
• Finding the Tone
• Reader’s Response pages 52-78
• Concrete Poetry
• Vocabulary Review
• Reader’s Response pages 79-105
• This is Just to Say – Poem Analysis
• Tell Bill…
• Reader’s Response pages 106-125
• Upside Down & Inside Out (similes)
• Thesaurus Treasure Hunt
• Vocabulary Review

Hate That Cat Book Test
The book test includes 6 pages with 42 questions that consist of fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice questions.

All answer keys are included!

The first book in this mini-series is Love That Dog. See below for the products that complement this unit.
Love That Dog Reader’s Response Journal, Poetry Pack, and Book Test *BUNDLE*
Love That Dog Book Test

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