Teaching Parts of Speech in Upper Elementary

School is almost out, but it’s never too late to sharpen essential skills! Soon, students will be in summer mode. Before they leave, a quick review of important concepts is important. End of year review in upper elementary will help remind students of what they have learned throughout the year and solidify their understanding. One skill students always need extra practice with is parts of speech. Reviewing nouns, verbs, and adjectives at the end of year might sound boring, but it’s actually fun with the right resources. Luckily, there are several fantastic resources for teaching parts of speech in upper elementary. Students can beat the summer slump and become pros at parts of speech with these fun activities and resources below! 

Teaching Parts of Speech in Upper Elementary

Why Teaching Parts of Speech is Important

Explaining parts of speech and why they’re important to students is always challenging. However, using a comparison seems to always work in upper elementary. Try comparing parts of speech to building a giant Lego castle! The nine parts of speech are the different Lego bricks you need to build a terrific sentence. 

Grammar Activities for Upper Elementary

Here’s a reminder of the nine parts of speech:

  1. Nouns are the people, places, and things we’re talking about, like castle or dragon
  2. Verbs like built or flew are action words and show what’s happening in a story.
  3. Adjectives like gigantic or fierce are the details that describe our nouns.
  4. Adverbs add more details about verbs, like quickly or happily
  5. Prepositions like on or under show location or direction.
  6. Conjunctions connect words and sentences together using words like and or but.
  7. Pronouns like it or they take the place of nouns to keep things smooth.
  8. Interjections like wow or ouch are like little bursts of emotion in our writing.
  9. Articles like the or an are smaller words that work alongside nouns.

For students, learning parts of speech might seem like a lot. However, the more students understand them, the more creative and clear their writing becomes. Thankfully, these resources for teaching parts of speech are the perfect way to end the year strong! 

Parts of Speech Bundle 

Between wrapping up the end of year, cleaning up your classroom, and planning much-needed relaxing summer activities, teaching parts of speech may feel like a scramble. Luckily, this engaging and effective Parts of Speech Bundle has everything you need to breeze through that review. 

The Parts of Speech Bundle covers all nine parts of speech. Each part of speech includes engaging worksheets, a review, and an assessment. Teachers can pick and choose which parts of speech they would like students to focus on, or you can print the entire bundle as a booklet. This is great for morning work, early finishers, or even small group work. 

Teaching parts of speech with this bundle will allow students to leave the classroom for summer with a solid grasp on those tricky parts of speech. Plus, no more time wasted for teachers planning those end of year lessons—this bundle is print and go! 

Teaching Parts of Speech Bundle

End of Year Punctuation Review 

Just because summer is right around the corner, doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! In addition to teaching parts of speech, a quick punctuation review is a great way to solidify their writing skills before the long summer break. Students are over the basic worksheets at this point in the year. Luckily, this End of year Punctuation Review is anything but basic! 

Teachers know how frustrating punctuation can be for students. Thankfully, these color-by-code activities remove the frustration, and turn sentence editing into a fun review! Students will practice editing sentences with 6 different themed color-by-code puzzle activities. 

Specifically, students will review periods, commas, exclamation points, and more all while working to reveal a secret picture! This punctuation review is a fantastic way to keep learning going during the last week of school or even over summer break.

The End of Year Punctuation Review is the perfect way to ensure your students head into summer with punctuation skills that are clear and colorful!

End of Year Punctuation Review

Parts of Speech Posters

With so many different parts of speech, reteaching this skill each year is essential. Upper elementary students need a reminder of the concept each year. Thankfully, teachers can go a step beyond just teaching a lesson. These Parts of Speech Posters are the perfect way to showcase the different parts of speech.

These colorful posters have easy-to-understand definitions along with fun examples. These are the perfect visual reminders for students.  

This resource also includes individual grammar guides for students! Teachers simply print the mini grammar guides, have students cut the guide along the dotted lines, and then attach them together with a brass brad or metal ring. Students can refer to these handy guides whenever they have a question about parts of speech. 

The Parts of Speech Posters are great for a wall display and are the perfect addition to a writing center. Likewise, you can also use them for interactive notebooks, bulletin board displays, or even as a reference tool. 

Honestly, no matter how you choose to use the parts of speech posters and grammar guide, your students will transform into grammar whizzes all year long!

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Teaching Parts of Speech in Upper Elementary

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