November Activities for Upper Elementary

I don’t know about you, but when someone says November I think of fall and Thanksgiving. Then a second later the bomb drops in my head – Christmas is right around the corner! My stress level goes up just a little as I think about all that has to be done in the next 2 months. One thing I learned over the years is that by getting lesson plans done early, I was able to focus my time outside of school on the holidays and getting ready for them. These November activities are a few of my favorite resources to help make that happen without sacrificing quality in the classroom!

November Ideas for the Upper Elementary Classroom

November Morning Message Slides

If you have been around for a little while then you probably already know how much I love the BITMOJI morning message slides. They are such a great way to start the day with structure, organization, and a little fun!

These November morning messages are an easy way to add some November fun into the morning routine.

Not only do these morning greeting slides provide a consistent routine to start out the day, but it allows me to complete the morning administrative tasks that must be done more quickly and efficiently. The addition of November holidays and themes makes it fun for the students. The students love to guess what the BITMOJI teacher will be doing each day.

You can find step by step instructions for editing and personalizing the BITMOJI Morning Messages in this blog post. It’s super easy and only takes a minute or two! Just add your morning routine, change the picture if you’d like, and post for your students.

Grab your November Morning Messages and give it a try.

BITMOJI Morning Messages

I think you’ll find that you can get more done in the morning, which leaves you with less to do after school! If you are a fan of the BITMOJI Morning Message, you can use them all year long! This Bundle has everything you need for the entire school year.

Turkey Tall Tales

What’s more fun than reading tall tales? Writing them! Your students will love working on their own Turkey Tall Tales during November. This is a class favorite writing activity year after year. Find out how I taught tall tales in my own classroom.

Thanksgiving Writing Ideas for 4th Grade

Use this tall tale resource as part of a unit that incorporates reading tall tales, or just use it as a fun, creative writing activity. This guided writing activity will walk your students through the process of writing their own tall tale about a turkey choosing one of the tall tale story starters.

Everything you need for this fun turkey writing activity is included. Students will be able to plan their ideas, write and edit their draft, and type in their final writing. Step-by-step instructions for formatting the final writing are included so students can create their own TALL tale!

This might be one of my absolute favorite November activities. I love reading all the amazing and creative writing. Hang them in the hallway and share the TALL tales!

November Books Reviews

Getting students excited about sharing books with each other is always exciting. Students should enjoy reading and sharing good books just like they enjoy and talk about songs and movies they like.

One way I have found success with this is through seasonal book reviews. By using fun book review activities, students enjoy writing book reviews and book recommendations. These November book reviews are no exception.

Thanksgiving themed book review activity

Gobble Up a Good Book gets students excited about sharing a book they have read. Using the planning page and the checklist, students will be on their way to writing a book review that includes a good summary, their opinion, examples, and a rating. Then, once students have planned out their book review they will be ready to write up the final review.

These book reviews create a great bulletin board display! Other students can read them and hopefully choose a new book to read.

No Prep Math and Language Arts

No Prep Math and Literacy activities for November

Another great way to save some time so you can focus on the holidays is by filling your lesson plans with these fun skill-based activities. All of the activities make a great skill review for students which makes them perfect for independent work.

Need take a sick day? No problem! Add these Thanksgiving NO PREP Reading and Math pages to your sub folder. They are perfect for substitutes!

No Prep November Skills Review Printables

These no prep printable activities are also perfect for math and reading centers, morning work, homework, small group review, or as practice after a whole class lesson.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the many skills your students will work on with these November No Prep activities:

Thanksgiving Main Idea and SUpporting Details activity
  • Inferencing
  • Main Idea & Supporting Details
  • Sentence Fragments & Run-ons
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Rounding Whole Numbers
  • Place Value / Comparing Values
  • Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication

What I loved most about these activities was knowing that my students were getting quality skills practice.

Thanksgiving No Prep Skills Review PAck

November Close Reading

November themed close reading activities help students improve reading comprehension skills

Close Reading is one of my favorite reading activities. I love how close reading teaches students intentional steps to dig deeper into the reading passage. By using multiple readings students really comprehend the passage on a deeper level. Find out how I use close reading in my classroom.

These November themed close reading activities will not only make reading fun and relevant to the season, but they will help improve reading comprehension skills, too. Your students will love reading about Veterans Day, the cornucopia, fall foliage, Black Friday, and more.

Veteran's Day close reading activity

Each close reading passage is used for multiple days to help students work on a variety of reading skills. The 5 reading passages in this November Close Reading resource will fill the entire month of reading skills practice.

If you’ve never used close reading before, the busy month of November is a great time to try them out. Use this month to have less prep and teach your students new ways to dig into reading at the same time.

You can find all of these close reading passages and activities in my November Close Reading resource.

November Close Reading Comprehension

No Stress November

With all these fun and engaging activities ready to go I’m hoping you’ll find them useful for November. I’m keeping the excitement for fall and moving forward with No-Stress November! You can have a No-Stress November too with these November activities that your students will love.

Not quite ready for November, just pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back when you are.

November Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom

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