Editable End-of-Year Awards for Every Student

Editable End-of-Year Awards for Every Student!

End of year awards doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re looking for awards and certificates for your students that are super quick and easy to print – then you’ve come to the right place!

It’s not always easy to find the “PERFECT” award for every student. Sometimes teachers have to search and search to find a “just-right” award for their students.

Well, search no more! I have over 194 Editable End-of-Year Award Certificates to choose from. These end of year awards come with:

  • teacher guides
  • planning sheets
  • PDF certificates (EDITABLE)
  • PowerPoint file (EDITABLE)
  • Google Slides (EDITABLE)

These many different options ensure that your awards ceremony is easy and hassle-free! 🙂

All of my awards are EDITABLE in a PDF or PPT format. End of Year Superlative Awards and End of Year Academic Certificates are also editable in Google Slides for a digital or virtual awards ceremony! I didn’t convert the End of Year Candy Bar Awards to Google due to the fact that you would need candy when delivering the awards to students.

All of my awards are quick and easy to use – just edit and print!

Editable End-of-Year Candy Bar Awards

I love giving these Candy Bar Awards to students at the end of the year, and they love receiving them! It usually costs around $20.00 for the candy, but in my opinion, it’s money well spent when you see their faces. 🙂

The Candy Bar Awards packet includes a handy shopping list to take with you to the store and several tips and tricks for choosing the “just-right” award for each student. I suggest using the included planning sheets when assigning awards and purchasing the candy. It’s also good to have a backup plan in case you can’t find some of the candy at your local stores. If I know it’s a candy that may not be easy to find, I pick a second option before going to the store (just in case).

In the past, CVS or Walgreens has been the best place for me to purchase the candy for these awards. Both stores have a wide variety to choose from.

Click HERE for a closer look!

Choose from a huge selection of over 56 end-of-year candy bar awards for your students!

Teacher planning sheets are included to make the award process super easy! Student voting sheets are also included if you choose to have your class vote on these awards.

Editable End-of-Year Superlative Awards

These Superlative Awards are so much fun at the end of the year! I always spend a lot of time picking out the “perfect” superlative award for each student. In the past, I have let students vote on these awards. Sometimes I agree with their votes and sometimes I don’t. They love voting, and they never know if I change a few. 🙂

I’ve included voting sheets for your students if you choose to let them vote and I’ve also included planning sheets to help you easily decide on the award for each student.

The printable version of these awards is printer friendly which is one of the best things about them! I tried hard to keep the color to a minimum but still added just the right amount so that they POP to make them special.

The digital Google Slides version includes a lot of color and are not ideal for printing if saving printer ink is a concern. However, the beautiful colors and stars border make them perfect for a digital awards ceremony! Or, if printer ink is not a concern, you can definitely print these!

Click here for a closer look!

These awards make it soooo easy to PRINT & GO! No need to worry about finding the perfect award, because there’s definitely one for every student!

Editable End-of-Year Academic Awards and Certificates

These end of year Academic Certificates are a formal yet fun way of awarding students for their hard work throughout the year. I have created a huge variety of certificates to choose from. Four blank certificates are also included that are fully editable just in case you need a certificate that is not in the download. Planning sheets are incorporated at the end to help you easily decide on certificates for your students.

Choose from a huge selection of over 66 certificates for your students!

The black and white versions of these certificates also look great printed on Astrobrights® (or any brightly colored) Card Stock.

Click here for a closer look!

Or, Bundle and Save!

Editable End-of-Year Award Certificates Bundle

Save big by purchasing all of my end of year awards in one convenient bundle and get 20% off! With this huge selection of 194 EDITABLE End-of-Year Awards and Certificates, you’ll never again search for the perfect end of year awards for you students! Reward your students for their hard work all year long with these unique, EDITABLE end-of-year awards. This bundle includes:

  • 56 Editable Candy Bar Awards in PPT and PDF
  • 70 Editable Superlative Awards in PPT, PDF, and Google Slides
  • 66 Academic Certificates in PPT, PDF, and Google Slides

*Black and white versions are included for all awards!

Click here for a closer look at the End of Year Awards and Certificates Mega Bundle!

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Editable End of Year Awards for Every Student!

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  1. bethany gonzales

    Please help! I purchased the candy awards and they will NOT print within the size of the paper, the border and some of the words are missing, how do I resize them so you can see the WHOLE thing?

    1. Kim Miller

      Hi Bethany,
      Select “Scale to Fit Paper” when you print.

  2. Sara

    Hi! I purchased the superlative awards for the end of the year. They look amazing! I am having trouble getting the purchase to download. Has this happened to anyone or is it my laptop? Thanks!

    1. Kim Miller

      Hi Sara!
      Thank you! 🙂 I haven’t had anyone else mention that they’ve had any trouble. Email me at [email protected], and I’ll help you troubleshoot. I can send them through email and we can try it that way. Just let me know if you purchased here on my website or through Teachers Pay Teachers.

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