The Perfect Editable End-of-Year Awards for Students

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The Perfect End of Year Awards for Students

End-of-year awards don’t have to be stressful.

End-of-year awards don’t have to be stressful. If you’re looking for awards and certificates for your students that are super quick and easy to print – then I have you covered!

It’s not always easy to find the “PERFECT” award for every student. Sometimes teachers have to search and search to find a “just-right” award for their students.  

Well, search no more! I have over 194 Editable End-of-Year Award Certificates to choose from with teacher guides, planning sheets, and an editable PDF to make the process as easy as possible. 🙂

Editable End-of-Year Award Certificates Bundle


These awards are EDITABLE in a PDF format. They are so quick and easy to use. Just edit and print!

  1. Decide which student gets each award.
  2. Go to the “Planning Sheets.”
  3. Type the student’s name onto the line of the award they are receiving.
  4. Once you do this, the students’ names will appear on the award!
  5. Go to the award and type the reason they are getting the award.
  6. To save you even more time, you can type your school’s/organization’s name, your signature, and the date. These will appear on every page! To do this, type below where you see the RED, BLUE, and BLACK “TYPE HERE” sections.


Editable End-of-Year Candy Bar Awards

I love giving these awards out to students at the end of the year, and they love receiving them! I usually end up spending around $20.00 on the candy, but in my opinion, it’s money well spent when you see their faces. 🙂

I included a handy shopping list to take with you to the store and several tips and tricks for choosing the “just-right” award for each student. I suggest using the included planning sheets when assigning awards and purchasing the candy. It’s also good to have a backup plan in case you can’t find some of the candy at your local stores. If I know it’s a candy that may not be easy to find, I pick a second option before going to the store (just in case).

In the past, CVS or Walgreens has been the best places for me to purchase the candy for these awards. Both stores have a wide variety to choose from.

Reward your students for their hard work all year long with these unique, EDITABLE candy bar awards. Choose from a huge selection of over 56 end-of-year awards for your students!

Teacher planning sheets are included to make the award process super easy! Student voting sheets are also included if you choose to have your class vote on these awards.

Grab these Editable Candy Bar Awards Here!


Editable End-of-Year Superlative Awards

The awards are so much fun at the end of the year! I always spend a lot of time picking out the “perfect” superlative award for each student. In the past, I have let students vote on these awards. Sometimes I agree with their votes and sometimes I don’t. They love voting, and they never know if I change a few. 🙂

I’ve included voting sheets for your students if you choose to let them vote. I’ve also included planning sheets to help you easily decide on the award for each student.

Editable End-of-Year Superlative Awards for Students

These awards make it soooo easy to PRINT & GO! There are 56 awards to choose from in my Candy Bar Awards and 72 to choose from in my Superlative Awards. No need to worry about finding the perfect award, because there’s definitely one for every student!

I made these Candy Bar Awards and Superlative Awards several years ago, and they instantly became one of my best sellers. After many requests, I made these awards editable and added a set of academic certificates to the bundle. All awards are available in an editable PDF which makes filling out awards for students so much easier! 

These awards are printer friendly which is one of the best things about them! I tried hard to keep the color to a minimum but still added just the right amount so that they POP to make them special.

Grab these Editable Superlative Awards Here!


Editable End-of-Year Academic Awards and Certificates

These end of year academic certificates are a formal yet fun way of awarding students for their hard work throughout the year. I have created a huge variety of certificates to choose from. Four blank certificates are also included that are fully editable just in case you need a certificate that is not in the packet. Planning sheets are incorporated at the end to help you easily decide on certificates for your students.

Choose from a huge selection of over 66 certificates for your students! 

End-of-Year Academic Awards and Certificates

The black and white versions of these certificates look great printed on Astrobrights® (or any brightly colored) Card Stock.

Grab these Editable Academic Award Certificates Here!


Bundle and Save!

Choose from a huge selection of 194 EDITABLE End-of-Year Awards and Certificates! Reward your students for their hard work all year long with these unique, EDITABLE end-of-year awards. This bundle includes:

⭐72 Superlative Awards

⭐56 Candy Bar Awards

⭐66 Academic Awards

*Black and white versions are included for all awards!

Grab the Mega Bundle Here!

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