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Perfect for distance learning! Finding the theme of a story can be confusing for students. It’s always so hard to teach! Using fables seems to help students identify themes a little easier, so I created this product for just that reason! →This product aligns with Common Core standards: RL.3.2, RL.4.2, RL.5.2, W.3.3, W.4.3, W.5.3

This resource includes a printable packet, digital Google Slides & Google Self Assessing Forms, and a TpT Digital Tool Activity.

⭐Looking for a Digital ONLY Version? Find it at the link below!
Digital Theme with Aesop’s Fables for Google Drive™ | Distance Learning



  1. Use the links in the downloadable PDF to access the Google version of this resource. Simply click on each link, make a copy to your personal Google Drive, and assign the Google Slides to your students!
  2. Use TpT’s NEW digital tool! After purchase, click the red “Create Digital Activity” button. This will give you access to a version with text boxes for student input and a highlighting tool to color the text. You can edit the digital overlay or use it as is.
  3. Download the Chrome extension called Kami on your computer. You can use this extension to share specific files with students if you do not want to share the whole packet. Once you select pages that you need to share, you can email the pages to a student or student’s parents to complete the assignment.
  4. Easily allow students to write on a PDF using DocHub! DocHub is a PDF editor and it can be used for FREE within an app on Google or online. Students can type, highlight text, answer multiple-choice questions, and so much more!


⭐A classroom poster for THEME.
⭐3 pages to be used as a teaching tool for finding themes and discussing the differences between topic, plot, fable, moral, and theme.
⭐2 Fables with story mapping and comprehension questions

►Fable #1: The Tortoise and the Hare
►Fable #2: The Lion and the Mouse

Each fable includes:
►story mapping page including problem/conflict, solution, moral, and theme
►18-20 multiple choice and open-ended questions assessing theme and actions of character
►A story mapping page and lined paper for students to write their own fable.

Suggestions for Use:
•Copy the entire packet for students.
•Use the first 3 pages as a teaching tool for finding theme and discussing the differences between topic, plot, fable, moral, and theme.
•Read the fables together.
•Guide students through the story maps using the answer keys.
•Allow students to answer the questions about each fable on their own.
•Check for understanding.
•Allow time for students to brainstorm and write their own fable using the story mapping page and lined paper for writing.
•When writing is complete, have students trade stories. See if students can figure out the theme of their friend’s fable.

Answer keys have been added to make it easier for you to discuss the questions with your students. These activities were intended to be used whole group or in a small group setting. Unless your students are comfortable with theme, they will likely struggle while completing these activities independently.

This digital resource will help your students master this reading skill with ease. Fun for students and super helpful for teachers — makes grading easy!

Created in Google Slides™ and Google Forms™
Compatible with Google Classroom™ and Google Drive™

⭐A complete lesson on finding themes and the differences between topic, plot, fable, moral, and theme (Google Slides™)
⭐2 fables with story mapping and graphic organizers (Google Slides™)

►Fable #1: The Tortoise and the Hare
►Fable #2: The Lion and the Mouse

Each fable includes:
►2 multiple-choice reading comprehension quizzes (18 questions for each) (Google Forms™)
►1 writing a fable activity with a graphic organizer for students (Google Slides™)

The quizzes were created in Google Forms™ and are designed to be self-graded assessments. Points have already been assigned, but you can easily adjust them to fit your needs.

All answer keys are included!

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