Using Boom Cards in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Looking for a new way to engage your upper elementary students? Today I am super excited to share with you why using Boom cards in upper elementary classrooms is a perfect way to get your students engaged in practicing core academic skills and concepts.

What Are Boom Cards?

Imagine an activity that looks and feels like a game but has all the elements of great skills practice. That’s Boom Cards! Boom Cards are digital task cards that students complete on a device like a computer, tablet, or phone. Using a free Boom Learning account, you can assign these digital task cards to your students to complete on their devices.

Booms Cards for Upper Elementary Students

Aren’t Boom Cards for Little Kids?

Nope! Absolutely not! While a few years ago most online learning platforms were targeted at preschool and primary grades – Boom Learning is not! Boom Learning has amazing resources for students of all ages and grade levels through high school! You can find these digital task cards for almost any skill or subject matter.

digital activities and boom cards for older elementary students

Why I LOVE Boom Cards in Upper Elementary Classrooms

1. Student Engagement

I don’t know about you, but my experience has shown me that using technology adds an extra level of engagement with students. So why not take their skills practice to a device and get them more engaged in their learning.

students using boom cards in the classroom

Let’s admit it – our students love technology. We can fight against it, trying to prove our own views of screen time, the need for paper and pencil, or what learning looks like to us. OR, we can dial into what our students are dialed into and use it to engage their learning.

There’s something about the device, the colors, and the sounds that make the exact same assignment more engaging on the device than on the paper. A page of practice problems on paper leads to moans and groans. A page of practice problems on Boom leads to engaged students who don’t even realize how much they are practicing and learning.

2. Student Independence

Booms Cards allow students to work independently because they are self-correcting. That means that students can’t move to the next question until they have gotten the answer correct. It also creates a learning environment where failure leads to success and students can learn from their mistakes.

point of view boom cards for older elementary students

Students working independently means there’s you can work with small groups or individuals without worrying about what the rest of the class is doing.

3. Focused Skill Practice

upper elementary boom cards

Boom Card sets are called decks. While you can find some decks that cover a variety of skills or concepts, many of the digital task card decks are focused on a single skill or concept. These digital task cards give students the repeated practice necessary for reaching mastery.

Give It a Try!

The best way to see what Boom cards are like is to try them out for yourself. On the Boom Learning site, you can try a sample of cards for free. Just check out all of my Boom Cards, pick one, and give it a try. You might need a Boom Learning account before you can preview the decks.

When you click on the deck you want, a page will open that shows the first sample card. Start playing right there or click on Full-sized Preview to view the cards bigger. It’s a great way to make sure that the digital task cards are just what your students need! I think you’ll see that Booms Cards in upper elementary classrooms is a match made in heaven!

Here’s a quick video to give you a glimpse into my Point of View deck.

What Are Other Teachers Saying About Boom Cards?

Tatianna Q. says “I highly recommend using boom cards for student engagement. It is a wonderful platform for distance learning or even a center in the physical classroom. Great practice for such a difficult standard. Thank you!”

A fourth-grade teacher from Kentucky said “Boom Cards are the best and this set of word problem Boom Cards was a great addition to my library, especially during online learning. I will also be using these Boom Cards once we are back in the classroom. Thank you for a great product.”

Jennifer R. chimed in for her students too! “My kids love the boom decks! These are great for review!”

Try These Digital Task Cards for Upper Elementary Classrooms!

Boom Cards for Geometry
booms cards for measurement conversions
boom cards for multi step word problems
boom cards for fractions grades 4 and 5
Boom Cards for Point of View Grades 3 4 and 5

Pin it Now to Save it for Later!

I don’t know about you but I hate when I’ve seen an idea that I want to use in my classroom and then I forget where it is. I can spend hours trying to find it again or I can just add it to my classroom Pinterest board! It is a time-saving trick that has helped me more than once!

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  1. Kathie

    Do you know if students using Seesaw can access Boom Cards? Or how that might work? Thank you.

    1. Kim Miller

      Hi Kathie,
      I don’t use Seesaw, but I’m pretty sure students will have to access their Boom Card decks from the account you create for your students on the Boom Learning website.

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