Valentine’s Day Activities – Printable Valentines Coupon Booklet for Students


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This FUN non-candy Valentine’s Day coupon book is the perfect gift for teachers to give to students on Valentine’s Day. This product comes with 20 different coupons and a booklet cover to make rewarding students on Valentine’s Day fun and easy! Pick and choose or create your own on the blank coupon included. Students love getting these coupons and using them in the classroom!

An editable Powerpoint file with a blank coupon and text box is also included for you to create your own! 

Coupons included:
•Sit with a friend for the day
•Write with a pen for the day
•Wear a hat in the classroom
•2 pieces of candy
•Lunch with a friend
•No homework for one night
•Chew gum in the classroom
•5 extra points on a graded assignment
•Free computer time
•Drink a soda
•Wear pj’s to school
•Wear slippers for the day
•Show and tell
•Re-do an assignment for a better grade
•Listen to your iPod during seat work
•Sit in the teacher’s chair
•One item from the prize box
•Draw one picture on the whiteboard
•Pick your own partner
•Show off your talent to the class
•Blank coupon

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