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This huge bundle of theme activities, printables, and worksheets comes with over 120 pages for students! At 20% off this bundle includes everything you need to teach students the difference between topic and theme. Tons of practice pages are included that guide students through the process of finding the topic and theme of literary texts.

Teaching Theme Using Quotes

Teaching theme using quotes is a fun and engaging way to get students thinking outside of the box. It’s not your average theme lesson! Instead, it helps encourage critical thinking skills in a new and exciting way for students.

Identifying the theme of a story is a higher order thinking skill that requires the reader to make an inference. Some students have a difficult time identifying themes, so it is important that students have practice in a variety of ways. This product allows students to think about theme in a way that is much easier than analyzing a whole story. This resource is a great lesson to use with students who are just being introduced to theme, but it can also be used a fun alternative to theme practice.

Quotes lend themselves easily to critical thinking skills, and they are useful as conversation starters as well. Teachers can use quotations in the classroom to inspire, encourage, increase motivation, and develop higher-level thinking skills.

Included in this download:

  • 28 quote cards
  • 28 large quotes to print for the classroom
  • 2 different sizes of reference cards with topics
  • 3 different answer sheets

In this product, students will…

  • Analyze quotes using critical thinking techniques
  • Identify the topic(s) represented in each quote
  • Evaluate the message of the quote (What is the author trying to say?)
  • Represent the quote with a theme statement

This product can be used as a supplemental lesson to any theme unit.

Teaching Themes Using Quotes comes with 28 quote cards appropriate for the classroom, along with a specific set of questions related to finding the topics and theme for each quote. It also comes with reference cards which include a list of topics for students to use during their analysis of each quote. Additionally, there are 3 different answer sheets that teachers can choose from – including 1 individual or group assignment activity.

*All answer keys are included.

Your students will love finding the theme with these 28 quote cards that are fun and engaging. They encourage critical thinking skills and push students to think outside of the box!

Theme Posters – 30 Most Common Theme Topics Found in Children’s Literature

Theme can be confusing for students. It is often confused with the topic of the story. It’s important to teach students the difference between the topic and theme of a text.

One process that can be used to identify the theme in a story is to recognize the topic of the story’s theme. Once the topic has been identified, students can then determine the author’s message that is being conveyed throughout the story. This process helps students easily identify the theme.

A topic is a broad, general concept that can usually be stated in one word. Sometimes a story’s message may relate to more than one topic. In this case one must determine how the topics are related in the story.

This huge 30 poster set includes common theme topics that are perfect for any classroom! These posters include the most common topics found in children’s literature. It also includes posters that describe the difference between topic & theme and how to identify each one in literature.

Each poster includes a description and mini reference card (perfect for a key ring)!

All posters and reference cards are included in both color and ink-saving black and white versions.

Posters and reference cards included in this download:

  1. What Theme Is
  2. What Theme Is NOT
  3. Theme vs. Topic
  4. Theme
  5. Topic
  6. Friendship
  7. Kindness
  8. Responsibility
  9. Courage
  10. Survival
  11. Cooperation
  12. Overcoming Adversity
  13. Perseverance
  14. Compassion
  15. Honesty
  16. Jealousy
  17. Acceptance
  18. Family
  19. Hope
  20. Loyalty
  21. Growing Up
  22. Respect
  23. Greed
  24. Patience
  25. Heroism
  26. Love
  27. Death
  28. Equality
  29. Hard Work
  30. Taking a Stand

Identifying Theme Using Close Reading Strategies

Help your students easily identify the theme of a literary text by using close reading strategies! This resource comes with a variety of close reading anchor charts, annotating guides, reference cards, reference charts, bookmarks, graphic organizers, interactive notebook templates, practice stories, and so much more!

This product easily breaks down the steps of annotating a text and explains why it’s important for students to show their thinking while they are reading.

Annotation reference cards and bookmarks are included to help students mark the text as they are reading. This strategy helps students keep track of key ideas and questions. It also supports a better understanding of the text.

Theme can be confusing for students. It is often confused with the topic of the story. The activities in this product also teach students the difference between the topic and theme of a text.

Six graphic organizers and interactive notebook templates are included. These activities break down the process and help students with the following…

  • how to identify story elements such as characters, setting, problem, and solution
  • how to summarize a text without including every event and detail
  • how to find the main idea and summarize it into one sentence
  • how to determine the topic and theme of a text with a breakdown of what to look for

These 6 activities can be used with any text!

Nine theme practice stories are also included. Students use their annotating strategies for close reading to answer questions about characterization, summary, main idea, topic, and theme. A “Read & Respond” answer sheet is included to help break down these steps for students.

The 9 theme practice stories include:

  • adapted fairy tales
  • narrative fiction
  • poetry
  • fables

All colored pages comes with an ink saving black and white version!

The following is a breakdown of what’s included in the download:

  • Close Reading Anchor Charts
  • Annotating Guides
  • Annotating Reference Cards
  • Annotating Bookmarks
  • List of Topics Reference Chart
  • Small Topics Reference Cards
  • List of Themes Reference Chart
  • Small Themes Reference Cards
  • 3 Practice Sheets for Determining Topic & Theme – How to Know the Difference
  • 6 Graphic Organizers & Interactive Notebook Templates that teach students how to identify story element, summarize, find the main idea, and identify the topic and theme of a story
  • 9 theme practice stories including adapted fairy tales, narrative fiction, poetry, and fables
  • 2 page “Read & Respond” answer sheet to use with each story included
  • Answer Keys and Teaching Guides


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