Reading Strategies Fall Mystery Pictures | Figurative Language, Inferences


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Students will love practicing important reading skills and strategies with these fall-themed color-by-code mystery picture grids and practice sheets! You’ll love the ease of planning! Just PRINT & GO!

Need a day off or a sick day at home? This is a great resource to leave for a substitute!

Six different reading skills are included with matching mystery picture grids.

  1. Elements of Poetry and Drama – Figurative Language – RL.4.5, RL.5.5
  2. Connecting Illustrations to Text – Making Connections – RL.4.7, RL.5.7
  3. It’s All In The Details – Drawing Inferences – RI.4.1, RI.5.1
  4. Explaining the Text – Analyzing Events and Ideas – RI.4.3, RI.5.3
  5. Looking for the Meaning – Context Clues – RI.4.4, RI.5.4
  6. Integrating Information – Comparing Texts on Same Topic – RI.4.9, RI.5.9

How it works:

Students use the color next to each answer choice they chose to color the grid. They locate the number of the problem on the mystery picture. Then, they color the square to match the color beside the answer choice they circled.

For example:

  • Student answered (a) for question #1.
  • The color beside answer choice (a) is RED.
  • On the mystery picture grid page, the student would locate all of the squares with a #1 in them.
  • The student would color each square with a #1 in it RED.

Each answer choice is color coded. When students color the grid, they’ll know AND you’ll know if they answered all of the questions correctly.

This resource makes learning reading skills and strategies fun and engaging! Most students don’t want to color their mystery picture incorrectly. They work really hard to make sure they get the answers correct!

So much fun and easy to use!

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All answer keys are included.

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