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This is the perfect introductory lesson for teaching main idea skills. It can be used as a review or when teaching this skill for the first time to students. Regardless, I definitely recommend adding this lesson to any main idea unit.

You must have at least one copy of “The Important Book” by Margaret Wise Brown for students to complete these activities. Only one copy is necessary. You can find this book on Amazon if you don’t already own it.

This is a great book to use as an introduction to finding the main idea. This simple book is based on everyday objects and requires students to think deeply about the importance of these objects. This book might seem small and basic for older students, but it is such a great book for introducing main idea and supporting details.

After reading and discussing this book with students use the template included to extend the lesson and get students to think about the “important details” of objects, people, animals, places, etc. The template is based on the book and follows the same general outline.

Students use the template to fill in the blank spaces focusing on the main topic (idea) and supporting details (descriptive adjectives and phrases) that describe their “important thing”.

Once written and edited, students copy their story onto a half sheet of paper.

Students can make a class book to add to the classroom library or make their own book of “important things”.

Included in download:

•The Important Thing Template (based on the book)

•1 page of 1/2 sheet writing templates

•2 pages of 1/2 sheet book covers (one for a class book and one for an individual student book)

•Directions for using this activity is included. Sorry, the book is not. 🙂

This is a wonderful and meaningful lesson to use when introducing main idea skills to students. Students really enjoy writing about their “important things” and the class book or individual books make the perfect addition to any classroom library.

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