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Now includes EDITABLE Google Slides™ Version! Reward your students for their hard work all year long with these unique, EDITABLE superlative awards. Choose from a huge selection of 70 end-of-year awards for your students!

⭐If you have already purchased this resource, you can download it again to get the Digital Google Version for free!
⭐If you are looking for the DIGITAL ONLY version that is editable in Google Slides™, you can find it at the link below.
DIGITAL End of Year Superlative Awards | Editable in Google Slides™


There are two different EDITABLE versions included in this download!

  1. PPT Version – the PowerPoint version is available in color or black and white. Text boxes have already been placed for you. You can change the size of the text boxes to fit your needs. You can also change the font, font size, and color. The version is the most ink-friendly and allows for easy printing.
  2. Google Slides™ Version – the Google version comes with a beautiful rainbow star background! It includes easy to fill text boxes and a linked table of contents to each slide (award). Easily add the student’s name, your name, grade level, and date to each slide. Duplicate slides for multiple awards, and use the voting sheets and teacher planning sheets to make editing a breeze! When you are finished, you can share your awards with students individually or through a class slideshow.

All directions are included for the teacher and students.
Blank awards have also been added so that you can make your own!

⭐Note: This product is part of a larger bundle found here:
• End of Year Awards Mega Bundle!

→Planning sheets are included to make the award process easier for you.
→Student voting sheets are included if you choose to have your class vote on these awards.

The black and white versions of these certificates look great printed on Astrobrights® (or any brightly colored) Card Stock.

Read this blog post for help and answers to questions about editing this product: Finding the Perfect End of Year Awards for Students

Download the preview to see more samples of the awards!

Note – Due to copyright laws the background and wording of the awards cannot be changed.

Awards Included in Download:

  1. Most Likely To Be Famous
  2. Most Laid Back
  3. Most Athletic
  4. Most Dramatic
  5. Best Friend To All
  6. Most Musical
  7. Most Likely To Be Found Reading A Good Book
  8. Most Dependable
  9. Star Reader
  10. Excellent Effort
  11. Most Likely To Brighten Your Day
  12. Hardest Worker
  13. Most Likely To Be Smiling
  14. Future Teacher
  15. Most Likely To Write A Book
  16. Friendly Neighbor
  17. Best Laugh
  18. Best Personality
  19. Most Artistic
  20. Most Likely To Become a Teacher
  21. Future President
  22. Future Scientist
  23. Best Smile
  24. Writing Wizard
  25. Future Vet
  26. Most Caring
  27. Best Listening Ears
  28. Best Team Player
  29. Leader Of The Pack
  30. Miss. Manners
  31. Mr. Manners
  32. Best Memory
  33. Most Organized
  34. Most Generous
  35. Super Speller
  36. Biggest Bookworm
  37. Math Whiz
  38. Best Hand Writing
  39. Most Energetic
  40. Best Dancer
  41. Computer Whiz
  42. Most Trustworthy
  43. Most Responsible
  44. Good Citizen
  45. Cursive King
  46. Cursive Queen
  47. Reading All-Star
  48. Fastest Multiplier
  49. Most Improved
  50. Most Thoughtful
  51. Quietest Worker
  52. Remarkable Reader
  53. Most Cooperative
  54. Best All Around
  55. Most Likely To Make You Laugh
  56. Most Likely To Become A Video Game Tester
  57. Most Unforgettable
  58. Best Eyes
  59. Splendid Speller
  60. Super Special Friend
  61. Super Scientist
  62. Brave Heart
  63. Most Unique
  64. Fastest Runner
  65. Video Gamer
  66. Most Talented
  67. Terrific Helper
  68. Character Counts
  69. Social Studies Star
  70. Most Likely to Develop An App

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