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End the year with classroom awards that come with a sweet treat! These EDITABLE End of Year Candy Bar Awards are the perfect addition to any classroom awards ceremony. With over 56 different award certificates to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect award for any student!

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End the year with classroom awards that come with a sweet treat! These EDITABLE End of Year Candy Bar Awards are the perfect addition to any classroom awards ceremony. With over 56 different award certificates to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect award for any student! If you can’t, no worries! I’ve included blank award templates so that you can make your own. These fun awards and tasty treats will guarantee a successful end of the year awards ceremony while they put a smile on the faces of your students!

Included in this download:

  • 56 Editable Candy Bar Awards (color and black/white)
  • Directions For Teacher And Students
  • Voting Option For Students
  • Teacher Planning Sheets
  • Blank Templates to Make Your Own!

⭐⭐⭐UPDATE: Due to request, I’ve added one editable PowerPoint file where you can change the wording, teacher name, grade level, and date.

About these awards:

These awards come with 3 different EDITABLE versions. You can edit the awards in Powerpoint, Google, or in an editable PDF.

✅PowerPoint Version – the PowerPoint version is available in color and black and white. Text boxes have already been placed for you. You can change the size of the text boxes to fit your needs. You can also change the font, font size, and color. This version is the most ink-friendly and allows for easy printing.

✅Google Slides™ Version – the Google version comes with a beautiful rainbow star background. It includes easy-to-fill text boxes. Easily add your student’s name, your name, grade level, and date to each slide. Duplicate slides for multiple awards, and use the voting sheets and teacher planning sheets to make editing a breeze! When you are finished, you can share your awards with students individually or through a class slideshow. This version uses the most ink and was originally created to be shared through a virtual awards ceremony.

✅PDF Version – the PDF version is also available in color and black and white. Simply type your students’ names on the Teacher Planning Sheet, and they will automatically populate on the awards! Type your name, grade level, and date, and these will also appear on all awards. This version is the quickest and easiest to edit, finalize, and print. It’s also ink friendly!

The black and white versions of these certificates look great printed on Astrobrights® (or any brightly colored) Card Stock.


PLEASE READ: Due to copyright laws and terms of use from the graphics and fonts creators, the background and wording of the awards cannot be changed. I can not legally make this part of the awards editable. The student name, teacher signature, grade level, and date are editable and can easily be changed. Blank award templates have been added so that you can make your own.


The best part?

  • These awards come with step-by-step directions for both the teacher and students.
  • Planning sheets are included to make the award process super easy!
  • Student votings sheets have been added if you choose to have your class vote on the awards.
  • Plus, blank award templates are included so that you can make your own!

In this one convenient resourceyou can…

  • have fun and unique ready-to-go end of year awards that you can use year after year
  • choose from 56 different printer-friendly awards that you can edit and print quickly and easily
  • guarantee a successful end of year awards ceremony that will put a smile on the faces of your students!


Teachers like you said…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I would give this 100 stars if I could! I ABSOLUTELY loved using this for end of the year awards. It was super fun to think about each of my students and their fun personalities. They LOVED receiving their awards! Thank you for this great resource! – Teaching with Ninjanuity

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ By far one of my favorite resources on TpT! This is such a creative, fun way to recognize your students. It was so hard to choose between all of them! 10/10 recommend this!! – Fun with Firsties

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Two words: LIFE. SAVER. There are soooo many options that it became super easy to find a great match for each of my *unique* students. Thank you!! – Kayleigh T.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ What kid doesn’t love candy? These were great! I especially appreciate the page at the beginning of the file where I can just type their names all at once and it auto-populates to the correct certificate. This made my life so much easier! – Hannah L.


Awards included in this download:

  1. Whoppers: Best Story Teller
  2. Mr. Goodbar: Good Friend
  3. Zero: Outstanding Math Grades
  4. Milky Way: Out of this World Work
  5. Hugs: Considerate & Caring
  6. Extra: Works Extra Hard
  7. Nutrageous: Best Personality
  8. Almond Joy: Joy to be Around
  9. LifeSavers: Helps Someone in Need
  10. Gummy Worms: Wiggle Worm
  11. Snickers: Great Sense of Humor
  12. 3 Musketeers: Works Well With Others
  13. Caramello: Sweet & Easy Going
  14. Skittles: Full of Colorful Ideas
  15. Spree: Makes a Fashion Statement
  16. Gummy Bear: Caring & Lovable
  17. Dove: Peacemaker
  18. Skor: Great Athlete
  19. Smarties: Top of the Class
  20. Mounds: Mounds of Good Work
  21. Babe Ruth: Homerun with Good Grades
  22. Bit-O-Honey: Sweet & Never Complaining
  23. M&Ms: Marvelous & Magnificent
  24. Starburst: Star Student
  25. Butterfinger: Easy Going Attitude
  26. Symphony: Musical Talent
  27. Krackle: Keeps the Class Laughing
  28. Jolly Rancher: Tells the Best Jokes
  29. Nestle Crunch: Dependable
  30. Hugs & Kisses: Sweet & Caring
  31. Payday: Good Deeds
  32. Laffy Taffy: Great Laugh
  33. Nestle Treasure: Treasure in Class
  34. Sweet Tarts: Sweet to Others
  35. Kit Kat: Teacher’s Helper
  36. Gobstoppers: Gobs of Great Work
  37. Twizzlers: Dancing with Great Attitude
  38. Fun Dip: Fun-Loving Attitude
  39. Bubble Yum: Fun & Bubbly Personality
  40. Kudos: Great Friend to All
  41. 100 Grand: Works Hard
  42. Mars: Out of this World Personality
  43. Good & Plenty: Plenty of Good Grades
  44. Red Hots: Red Hot Work
  45. Rolo: Rolls with the Punches
  46. Twix: Class Trixster
  47. Take 5: Needs a Break
  48. Now & Later: Special Place in my Heart
  49. Pop Rocks: Rockin’ Dance Moves
  50. Riesen: Reason Our Classroom Shines
  51. Rocky Road: Hard Worker
  52. Reeses Pieces: Great Helper
  53. York: Doing Your Best
  54. Nerds: Knows Most About Technology
  55. Ring Pop: Class Pop Star
  56. Jr. Mints: Mint to be in My Classroom

Your students will love these End of Year Candy Bar Awards, and you’ll love the ease of planning. Just edit, print, and go! It’s such a fun way to wrap up the school year!


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