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Completely Editable! These jobs are super fun to use in the classroom, not to mention – very helpful! They give students ownership of the classroom with special duties they can help with all year long. I typically assign more than one student to a job. This helps when students are absent, and some jobs simply require more than one student.

This set of job descriptions and assignment cards make a great bulletin board that can be left up all year. I laminate all the pieces and use an Expo marker to write the names of those students “hired” for each job. I place those on the board and notify students that you can be “fired” at any time during the year for not performing your job to your best ability.

I’ve included 42 job descriptions to choose from, 42 job assignment badges, a job application for students, an assignment sheet for you to use in the “hiring process”, and a YOU’RE HIRED tag for students.

I’ve also included an Editable PowerPoint template for you to change the job descriptions to meet the needs of your classroom. You may use my wording or add your own. Directions for editing the template is included!

I left extra spaces on the job assignment list in case you needed to add jobs not included in this product.

Job Titles Include:
★Board Eraser
★File Clerk
★Pledge Leader
★Computer Technician
★Sanitation Specialist
★Recess Helper
★Postal Worker
★Homework Checker
★Tidy Team
★Attendance Monitor
★Teacher’s Helper
★Lights Monitor
★Cubby Patrol
★Calendar Keeper
★Door Holder
★Lunchroom Helper
★Noise Monitor
★Girl’s Bathroom Monitor
★Boy’s Bathroom Monitor
★Line Leader
★Pencil Patrol
★Supply Manager
★Nurse Buddy
★Weather Forcaster
★Classroom Greeter
★Specials Reporter
★Chair Stacker
★Desk Fairy
★Water Patrol
★Time Manager
★Table Captain
★Closet Monitor

I left extra spaces on the job assignment list in case you needed to add jobs not included in the list.

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