The back-to-school season should be fun and exciting! Everyone is rested, rejuvenated, and ready for a new school year. There is a lot to do though. Between decorating bulletin boards, arranging your classroom, labeling desks and going to staff meetings – it’s easy to get overwhelmed! I made this back-to-school checklist to make your life a little easier and to help you remember some of the little things that might slip your mind during all the craziness!  First of all, can I just say… Wouldn’t you agree? Why in the world don’t we do this? Before starting a new school year, it’s important to let goRead More →

It’s that time again – Back-to-School! Are you ready for a new school year? If you’re like me you spend the last few weeks of summer hunting for back-to-school deals, school supplies, and fall clothes! I love to shop, so I don’t mind braving the crowds. Over the years, I’ve found some great deals, time-saving tricks, and a few ways to make easing into a new school year a breeze. The hardest part of going back to school is getting myself and my kids back on a schedule and on a regular routine! Below, are few tips and tricks I’ve found to be useful duringRead More →

It was hard nearly impossible for me to come up with only ten web tools to share! I have so many! I actually had a hard time narrowing it down to just ten. So, here goes.  I’ll start with one of my favorites! #1 Remind (formally Remind 101) This is one of my favorite ways to connect instantly with students and parents.  Remind is a safe and FREE service that sends one-way messages via SMS, push notifications or email to anyone you invite with a special code for your class. Remind keeps phone numbers private while still staying in touch with students and parents. You can even set upRead More →

I teach 4th grade, and if you know anything about 4th grade you know that this is where the memorization of multiplication facts takes place! This is a bear to teach because you just can’t “make” a child memorize. I start at the beginning of each year with one minutes timed multiplication quizzes – given two times per week. I teach students a variety of tips and tricks to master the memorization of the facts. I even offer rewards and incentives! However, I still have students struggling with the actual memorization of multiplication facts. This year I allowed students to “bring their own device” toRead More →

Why did I want to be a teacher? I asked myself this question several times last year. With 13 years of teaching under my belt and stress levels high enough to cause my chest to hurt, I found myself saying “Do I really want to do this for 17 more years???” I knew I was tired. Tired of the demands, tired of the changes, tired of parents that didn’t support me, tired of students who didn’t care, just tired.  I was definitely experiencing – teacher burnout!  I’m sure we all experience teacher burnout at some point. If you haven’t, more than likely you will. Being a teacher canRead More →