Halloween Book Reviews with Rubric - Free Download
Thrilling Halloween Book Reviews: Free Download!

The month of October is full of exciting fall and Halloween activities in the classroom. From pumpkins to witches – there’s always so many fun things to choose from! You probably have that one lesson you teach every year at this time. For me, we always write book reviews on our

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Back to School Tips and Tricks for Teachers
Back to School
10 Brilliant Back to School Tips for Teachers

  It’s that time again – Back-to-School! Are you ready for a new school year? If you’re like me you spend the last few weeks of summer hunting for back-to-school deals, school supplies, and fall clothes! I love to shop, so I don’t mind braving the crowds. Over the years,

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Learning How to Prioritize and Letting Go of the Rest
Advice for Teachers
Easy Ways to Prioritize Daily Tasks for Teachers

How do you prioritize daily tasks? Time and energy play a huge part in my passion for teaching. I’m often overwhelmed by my never-ending to-do list, and constantly spinning my wheels while feeling like I’m never going to catch up. In the book, Unshakeable by Angela Watson, she discusses our

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How to Make a Mother's Day Flower Pen
Cheap and Easy Mother’s Day Craft for Teachers

  It’s almost Mother’s Day, and my students spent yesterday working on a special craft just for mom! I make these flower pens with my class every year, and they’re always a HIT! I love how they turn out, and the best part is that they are C-H-E-A-P to make!

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Finding the Perfect End of Year Awards for Students
End of Year
The Perfect Editable End-of-Year Awards for Students

End-of-year award ceremonies don’t have to be stressful. If you’re looking for awards and certificates for your students that are super quick and easy to print – then I have you covered! It’s not always easy to find the “PERFECT” award for every student. Sometimes teachers have to search and search

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Top 10 Web Tools to Use in the Classroom
TOP 10 Popular Web Tools to Use in the Classroom

These 10 web tools are just a few of my favorite online resources to use in the classroom. From parent communication to collaborating with students from the comfort of your own couch – these internet tools are a must-have for any teacher. 10 Popular Web Tools to Use in the

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Teaching Idioms, Proverbs, and Adages
Easily Teach Idioms, Proverbs, and Adages in the Classroom

Common Core brought with it many standards that teachers had little to no resources for. L.4.5b was one of them for me. In the past, I had briefly covered idioms (usually around St. Patrick’s Day) but never proverbs and adages. Honestly, I had no clue what an adage was. Once

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Multiplication Apps for iPads
Multiplication Apps for the iPad

I teach 4th grade, and if you know anything about 4th grade you know that this is where the memorization of multiplication facts takes place! This is a bear to teach because you just can’t “make” a child memorize. I start at the beginning of each year with one minutes

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