Fun September Activities for Upper Elementary

It’s back to school time! Maybe you’ve already started your year, or maybe you are just gearing up to head back to your classroom. Either way, this time of year is full of transitions and excitement for all. It is bittersweet to end another beautiful summer and begin a new year of adventure. September is filled with opportunities to get to know our students and form lasting relationships. I can’t wait to share some fun September activities for upper elementary classrooms.

September Ideas for the Classroom

Back to School Activities

The first few weeks of school are super busy! You have to take care of so many housekeeping items and build routines and structures. This Back to School No Prep Skills Review Pack is full of activities for reading and math. It is just what you need for those first few weeks of school. Your students will be actively engaged while completing these fun and meaningful activities.

Back to School Activities 4th Grade

Reading Activities Included:

  • Back to School Roll and Write (Roll and Write a Story)
  • Why are School Buses Yellow? (Main Idea and Supporting Details)
  • Find Someone Who (Back to School Bingo)
  • After School Snacks (Using Editing Marks)
  • Back 2 School Writing (Back to School Writing Prompts)
  • Back 2 School Crossword (Back to School Crossword Fun)
  • Genre Match (Identifying Genres) Back to School Color By Code (Grammar: Color By Code)

Math Activities Included:

  • Back to School Multiplication (Multiplication Practice and Review)
  • Back to School Division (Division Practice and Review)
  • Number and Shape Patterns (Patterns and Relationships)
  • School Shopping (Practice with Decimals)
  • Back to School Secret Word Puzzle (Adding and Subtracting Larger Numbers)
  • Let’s Measure! (Customary and Metric Measurement)
  • Time for School (Telling Time and Elapsed Time)
  • Back to School Color By Code (Multiply Color By Code)

These review sheets are perfect for keeping skills sharp! They are great for independent work or small group activities. Add them to your list of fun September activities.

September Morning Message

Mornings in the classroom can be crazy! You are trying to greet your students, get them started for the day, check emails, communicate with the office, complete lunch counts, and so much more. It is important to get them started with a good morning routine at the beginning of the year. This will allow them to enter the room and immediately begin working independently so that you can take care of everything else. September Morning Messages are perfect for this! You’ll get all of this:

  • 25 Pre-filled and Editable Slides for the Month
  • Date (editable)
  • Daily Quote (editable)
  • Question of the Day (editable)
  • To-Do List (editable)
  • Directions for how to add your BITMOJI Avatar
  • 16 different ways and Ideas for how to use these slides each morning
  • Written directions included or watch a video tutorial!

This resource will allow you to kick the day off right-BITMOJI style! You can find the September Morning Messages in my store. While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of my BITMOMI Morning Message sets!

These September morning messages are perfect to start your day in the classroom with a question of the day.

Back to School Digital Stickers

Looking for a way to spruce up your digital grading or distance learning teaching? Digital stickers are just what you need! These Back to School themed stickers will add next-level excitement to all of your activities! They are such a cute way to encourage your students and remind them how awesome they are.

Grab these back to school digital stickers to liven up your assignments and grading.

If you and your students love digital stickers as much as I do, you’ll want to check out my Seasonal Digital Stickers Bundle! It includes everything you need to motivate and reward your students all year long. All you have to do is copy and paste them into student work. They stay bright, shiny, and sticky for years to come!

Speller’s Choice Menu

It’s hard to add excitement to spelling practice. You’re probably tired of looking for new activities every week, and your students are tired of completing the same old thing over and over. Enter choice menus! They are one of my favorite fun September activities. I LOVE using choice menus in my classroom because they allow students to take an active role in their learning. They feel like they are in charge and have a voice. So important! With these Speller’s Choice Menus, you will never have to search for meaningful spelling activities again. You will be all set for the ENTIRE YEAR!

These fun spelling choice boards while add fun and variety to your ELA lessons.

Character Education Traits

Our kids experience so many different influences today from their peers and social media. Teaching character education has never been more important. Our kids need to know what it means to be a good citizen. They need to learn about values like respect, honesty, integrity, and more. This year-long character traits bundle provides a full 10 weeks of activities. The lessons are perfect for incorporating into your daily morning meeting routines and even sub plans.

Our kids are exposed to so many things in today's world. These character education traits lessons are perfect to incorporate in your classroom.

Each lesson includes:

  • a classroom poster
  • an introduction of the character trait
  • a mentor text with comprehension questions
  • extension activities through a choice board
  • a printable and digital Google option

With this set, you can teach each character trait monthly or pick and choose lessons to teach throughout the year. Everything you need to encourage and build good character in your classroom is included!

Location and Map Skills

Teaching map skills or community? This resource was designed for your students to understand their location on a map, where they live in regards to the rest of the country, and why it is important to know your own address. The resource includes a pre-test, a book of maps, and a physical address and mailing address section. Other pages include where I live in relation to our planet, hemisphere, continent, country, US region, state, county, and city.

You will also enjoy the graphic organizer to use as a visual summary. End your unit with the included post-test. You and your students will love the digital option of this resource. Grab the map skills resource in my store and add them to your fun September activities.

Location and Map Skills Unit

Genre Posters

No classroom is complete without some fun decor. These genre posters are multi-purpose. They are super fun, cute, and will brighten up your classroom walls. The posters also give amazing information that your students can use as a reference throughout the year. They are perfect for:

  • Classroom Library
  • Wall Display
  • Bulletin Board Display
  • Word Wall (half-page posters)
  • Interactive Notebooks (4 to a page)
  • Classroom Library Book Bins
These genre posters are great to be used for classroom decor or reading centers.

Full Page, half-page, 4 to page posters, and labels for book bins are all included. This makes it easy to create any of the ideas above.

More September Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

Wanting even more ideas for back-to-school fun? Check out this deeply discounted Back to School Bundle. It has everything you need to get your year started on the right foot. The bundle is great for so many things like open house, meet the teacher, the first day of school, the first week of school, and so much more. You will get:

  • Back to School Forms, Letters, and Checklists
  • Parent and Student Editable Brochure
  • Parent and Student Editable Flipbook
  • Back to School Slideshow
  • Classroom Newsletter Templates for the Entire Year
  • Monthly Calendar Templates

These editable resources will save you so much precious time! You will be able to relax and focus on what really matters most….your students!

Back to School Editable Bundle
Back to School Editable Bundle
Back to School Editable Bundle
Back to School Editable Bundle

Engage and Excite Your Students with These High-Interest Close Reads!

Your reading lesson plans for September have already been done for you! Just print and go!

These close reading passages and activities are the perfect tools to help students practice close reading skills during the month of September. Topics include hurricanes, monarch butterfly migration, emojis and emoticons, deadliest animals, and remembering 9/11. These week-long lessons follow a close reading model, and each one includes a teacher guide and notes to make teaching the lesson easy! 

Students will be required to use close reading skills to practice making logical inferences, citing textual evidence, and drawing conclusions from the text.

PRINT & GO! Easily differentiate instruction with the leveled reading passages for grades 3-5. Includes everything you need to teach 5 weeks of close reading lessons.

September 11 Lesson Plan
Hurricanes Close Reading Lesson
Monarch Butterfly Migration Close Reading
Emojis and Emoticons Close Reading Lesson
Deadliest Animals Close Reading Lesson Plan
September Close Reading Lessons for Grades 3, 4, 5

Save This September Fun!

Be sure to pin this image to your favorite classroom board so you’ll be ready to start the year with a bang.

September Lesson Plans for Upper Grades

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