6 Ways to Start the New School Year Stress Free

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? It’s always bittersweet to end those carefree days of summer and begin a new school year. There is so much to think about and plan for before going back to school. It can quickly become overwhelming, even for veteran teachers. Not to mention all of the added responsibilities because of the current state of the world. Here are 6 ways to start the new school year stress-free.

Stress Free Back to School Ideas

Stress Free Back to School Ideas

There are tons of things you can do to alleviate some of the back-to-school stress. Having a plan is a great place to start. Once your plans and procedures begin to fall in place, you will feel the stress start to melt away. Over time I have found these 6 things to be super helpful to start the year stress-free.

Classroom newsletters are a great communication tool. They help to start the year off stress free.

#1 Newsletters

It is so important to communicate with parents throughout the school year. Classroom newsletters are a great way to establish AND keep up good communication all year long. Everyone needs to be on the same page and on the same team to ensure students are successful.

These are my favorite classroom newsletter templates. It’s much easier and less stressful when you use the same templates all year long. This huge selection of newsletters includes upcoming events, homework, reminders, and more. You can easily edit, print, and send them home weekly or monthly. It’s also easy to post a digital copy of these newsletters on your classroom webpage or email a copy to parents. Step-by-step directions are included! Think of your classroom newsletter as a snapshot of what is to come.

#2 Calendars

Having a classroom calendar is a must when you are trying to keep a family of 25 students and parents all on the same page. Easily keep students and parents up-to-date and informed of the month’s happenings with these editable calendar templates. This is my absolute favorite calendar template to use. They come in a 5 day week or 7 day week editable format and give parents a snapshot of things to come. You can easily add important events like field trips, conference days, and holidays. I also like to include reminders for things like picture day, book orders, and spirit ribbon day. Remember, organization and planning are key for a stress-free start.

Use a class calendar to keep students and parents informed and up to date on school happenings
These editable calendars are perfect for class events, school reminders and other important news

#3 Back to School Brochures

Brochures are great to use for open house, meet the teacher, and the first day of school.

There is so much important information to share with students and parents at the beginning of the year. I have found brochures to be the best way to do this. They keep all of the information neat and organized and provide a reference sheet for them to keep for the entire year.

Brochures are perfect for an open house, meet the teacher night, or even to mail to students and parents. You can include so much information like procedures, rules, attendance policy, homework policy, grading, behavior, supplies, and more. I love to create a brochure for students and another one for parents.

#4 Flipbooks

Flipbooks are another great tool for sharing important information with parents and students. I love to use them at open house. They are also fun to use on the first day of school with your students. You can include information about yourself, class schedule, class rules and procedures, homework policy, and curriculum. Because it is a flipbook, it is super fun and engaging. It gives a little something extra to an otherwise boring topic.

Flipbooks are a great resource to give parents and students all the important information in one easy booklet. I encourage parents to keep it handy during the year as a reference tool. They can quickly and easily find what they need or my contact information.

This flip book makes an easy to access booklet for all your important information
Multiple versions of the flip book are included so you can find just what fits your needs

#5 Forms, Letters and Checklists

Everything you need in one set for

On top of having so much information to share, you also have a bunch of information that you need to gather from parents and students. The only way to keep track of this new information is through forms, letters, and checklists. And boy, oh boy, is there a lot of them. I have over 40 classroom forms that are editable and ready to meet all my back-to-school needs. These are a few:

  • Parent-Teacher Communication Logs
  • Student Snapshot for Recording Test Scores and Grades
  • 5 Minute Book Conference Form
  • Substitute Teacher Feedback Form
  • Fire Drill Checklist
  • Teacher Logins Form
  • Student Logins Form
  • 13 Fun Attention Grabbers!

#6 Slideshows

We’ve all been in meetings where the speaker is covering necessary but boring information. It is no fun! Nobody wants to listen to you read directly off of a brochure. This is where slideshows come into play. Slideshows are great to use with parents and students. They are perfect for open house and Meet the Teacher Night. You can also use them on the first day of school.

If the event is a come-and-go event without a dedicated speaking time, I put the slideshow on play and let it run on its own in the background. This allows me to interact with students and parents and still provide valuable information. When I have time to speak, I use the slideshow as part of my presentation.

Slideshows are just another way of sharing your classroom information in a more fun and engaging way.

Ready to Use Class Slideshows are easy to edit
Share important information with students and parents using a slideshow during Open House

Start the Year Stress Free With This Back to School Bundle

I guarantee all of these ideas and strategies will get your year started right. You can build a solid foundation for good communication, and everyone will know just what to expect as the year gets started. I know you have so much to do to get this new year going, so I have already created all of these resources for you. They are available in my Back to School Editable Bundle. There are over 290 pages, including all of the resources we have talked about here and more!

Here’s a sneak peek inside this jam backed Back 2 School Bundle:

You can find all of these resources individually in my store, however, you get all of them AND save money when you grab the bundle. Just imagine never having to buy a back-to-school communication resource again. There are so many options here you can use them for years, even if you change grade levels, subjects or schools.

This back to school bundle has everything you need and more to start the year off stress free.

I know you will love this bundle that has absolutely everything you need to start the year stress-free. It is a complete lifesaver. With this bundle, you will be able to focus on what really matters…the kids!

Save These Ideas for Later!

Be sure and pin these 6 ways to start the year stress-free to your favorite back-to-school board.

How to Start the School Year Stress Free

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